One of the most common statements I found myself saying while I was learning about breast implants was, "I just wish there was a step-by-step plan for me to be following."

So that that's exactly what I have created for you, and I called them the “Boobie Steps…” and here they are!

One: Get Your Bearings

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Two: Get In Community

Fear fears community. So don’t go at it alone! Join my private, women-only community called Bustmob!

Three: Find Your Look

Stop worrying about CC’s. Simply find the “Boobie Guide” who has the look you want.

Four: Choose Your Implant

I would personally insist my surgeon only use Sientra implants... and the data proves why!

Five: Get A Vectra

Before getting implants, every woman should get a 3D scan to see what you will look like with implants.

Six: Select A Surgeon

Learn what to look for in a surgeon, and consider traveling for your procedure.

Seven: Surgery & Recovery

Follow my simple pre-op checklist to ensure you are completely prepared for your surgery and recovery!

Eight: Figure Your Figure

Shopping is about to be a brand new ball game... and I can help you pointed in the right direction!

Looking for a deeper dive?

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