Jersey Pleated Dress by Glamour Empire

Do you ever have those days that you want to feel a little dressed up, but you don't want to go through the effort of getting all done up? Whenever I find myself in that kind of mood, this is the dress I go for! It's soft, flowy, and doesn't make me feel like I need to spend an hour on my makeup to wear it.

Short Sleeve Jersey Pleated Dress
Short Sleeve Jersey Pleated Dress

The length feels just right, and the top portion helps my girls look really nice—without being like BOOM in your face.

I also love how many colors this dress is available in. I have the Blue Gray, and I'm tempted to order one in black for something a little more formal. (I'm 5' 4", 115lbs., 32DD, and I have a size 4/6.)

My biggest caution would be to have proper expectations for a $31 dress (includes shipping on Amazon). The hem on mine isn't perfect, and I don't expect it to last 5 years either. Quality is on par with something you would expect from a Marshall's type dress. Definitely worth it in my opinion!