Ultralite Backless Sticky Bra by Fashion Forms

Sticky bras are an absolute must for every woman with breast implants, and the Ultralite by Fashion Forms is by far the most versatile one available. It can be worn with anything from tanktops to formal wear, and you know the best part?

You get to go nearly braless and still keep the girls under control.

I also love how these are made all the way up to DD-cups and still only cost around $25 from Amazon.

Fashion Forms Women's Ultralite Backless Bra
Fashion Forms Women's Ultralite Backless Bra

What About Cleavage?

One of the coolest parts about this bra is that you get to decide how much cleavage you want to have. Obviously, the further apart you apply them on your breasts, the more cleavage you're going to get when you attach the cups together. But if you are just wanting coverage without cleavage, you have that option as well.

Applying and Removing

First, wash and dry your breasts thoroughly, and do not apply any type of moisturizer to them. Second, don't make the same mistake I did, as I was putting this bra on the wrong way for a long time. Here's the secret...

Apply each cup separately while you are bending over at the waist.

I like to unhook the cups from one another before I bend over and apply them. Then once they are on me, I hook them back together. This will give you a great shape and keep your boobs from looking lopsided.

When it's time to take it off, just remember how much you've loved not have to wear a real bra...

'cause this isn't going to feel good.

I've always had pretty sensitive nipples and areolas, so I'll be the first to admit that removing this bra really sucks. I've found that peeling it off slowly is much better than tearing it off, but I've yet to find a comfortable way of removing it. The good news is that I've never had any lasting pain or irritation after wearing one of these.

Here's a (really cheesy) video of a woman applying them. Skip ahead to 30 seconds to see her put them on.


Caring for This Bra

I've never been known to be gentle with anything I own, and these have always held up very well for me.

After wearing it, make absolute sure that you wash it with soap and water right after you take it off, then hang it up to air dry. I've used a lot of different soaps on these sticky bras, and I've found that using a 100% oil-based soap like Dr. Bronners Baby Mild helps the adhesive last much longer.

As long as I wash it with the Dr. Bronners soap, I typically get 30 or 40 applications, which is almost twice what I got when washing it with regular body wash.