The Ultimate-Run Sports Bra by Shock Absorber

Here is it... the bra recommendation that so many of you have been asking for! If you're like me and love high-impact workouts or running, then you know how exercises like these can be a horrible experience with breast implants. I've tried at least 30 "ultra high impact" sports bras, and there is nothing on the market that is better than the Ultimate-Run Sports Bra by Shock Absorber.

So unless you enjoy your boobs being tossed around like overfilled water balloons, this is a must-have bra!

Ultimate-Run Sports Bra by Shock Absorber
Ultimate-Run Sports Bra by Shock Absorber

There are so many things about this bra that make it better than anything else I've tried on. First, did you notice that the band has hook and eyelets, just like a regular bra? I bought this bra in a 32DD/E from Amazon for $50, and it comes with 3 rows instead of the 2 that are shown in the photo above. Thank you Shock Absorber!

Also, the racerback portion of the bra is so well thought out. It allows you to select different levels of compression, just like the band, with varying degrees of tension.

And how cool is it that this bra comes in so many sizing options?! Up to a G-cup in band sizes 30 through 36! Most normal bras don't even offer that.

To wrap it up, I'm clearly a huge fan of this sports bra. If you're tired of the bounce and want to have a distraction-free workout, I can't recommend this enough.