U-Plunge Maximum Cleavage Bra by V-Bra

Ladies with breast implants, I'm talking to you! If you ever plan to wear a low plunge dress, then everything about this bra makes it a must-have. I still remember the first time I put it on and looked in the mirror.

The first words out of my mouth were, "Holy crap."

First, what other bra would you ever be able to wear with an outfit like this one, and still get amazing cleavage?? This model doesn't even have big boobs, and her girls are still rocking a great shape in that dress.

V-Bra Review
V-Bra Review

And what about comfort? This should be the most uncomfortable bra I've ever worn.

But it's not! It's really not all that bad for a 3 to 4 hour party or date night. I'm still not really sure how that's possible.

And by far, the absolute best part about this bra is how well it pushes the girls together... all without showing itself. I think have a picture of me wearing it (in one of those silly cruise pictures) that I will post here if I can find it.

Now there are a couple things to consider...

The first thing is sizing. I typically wear a 32DD, and I have a 34D in this bra. Weird, I know. But in V-Bra's very limited sizing, this is what works best for me.

The second thing is price. These bras typically fall within the $16 range on Amazon, so don't expect it to last you 10 years. I end up replacing mine every year or so, but still think it's unique benefits are worth it.

The last thing is support. Remember that these bras don't have an underwire, so you aren't going to get that "boobs up around your collarbone" look with it. You will, however, have the best top to bottom cleavage you've ever had, with room to spare for your favorite low-plunging dress!