Lace-Up Long Sleeve Pullover by PattyBoutik

I've never met her (and I'm not even sure she exists), but I'm completely convinced that Patty from PattyBoutik has breast implants. Why? Because every time I see a new article of PattyBoutik clothing, the first thought that goes through my head is...

The girls are going to look amazing in that!

Naturally, this lace-up pullover is no exception. There's also $35 fewer dollars in my clothing budget, and I don't have a single regret about that.

Lace-Up Pullover by Pattyboutik
Lace-Up Pullover by Pattyboutik

After seeing the full-length photo above (and the different colors below), if you're like me, your mental checklist is already completely fulfilled:

  • Length: check.
  • Sleeve length: check.
  • Pretty colors: check.
  • Can be sexy or casual: check.
  • Does it contain 5% spandex? It does! Check.

They also come in short sleeves!

Bra Suggestions

I have two go-to bras when I wear this pullover. If I want it to be super sexy, I'll wear the U-Plunge Bra and leave the drawstring pretty lose. Since the U-Plunge has quite a bit of depth to it, it doesn't show at all—even with the drawstring wide open.

The C Chic Push-Up bra looks awesome with this top as well. Since it's more comfortable than the U-Plunge, I go for it if I'm going to be out most of the day but still want to accent the girls.

The other option I really like is the Bristol Six Nipple Cover, which I will be reviewing next week. Since they are only nipple covers, they don't offer any support or lift; however, they make this the perfect casual top for going out to the park, store, etc. without giving everyone a show.

I'm so happy to share these tops from PattyBoutik with you, and I hope that you will enjoy them. You can get the short sleeve from Amazon right here, and the yellow button below goes to the long sleeves. :-)