Frederick's of Hollywood Lace Corset Bra

If this photo of Emily Ratajkowski isn't enough to convince you that this bra is a must have, then you and I should sit down and have a serious talk.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

I first saw this bra in the Frederick's of Hollywood store at the Mall of Georgia while visiting some friends in Atlanta. I was honestly skeptical about it, but once I tried it on I was sold. It creates great cleavage, but isn't uncomfortable even with the underwire.

This bra even comes in sizes that are typically really hard to find including 32DD and 34DDD/F.

There's just something about wearing this bra that makes me feel sexy.

I really like the wider shoulder straps, and the scoop is plenty deep enough for most of my dresses. Granted, you won't be able to wear it with a tight t-shirt without seeing the imprints of the corset string, but that ok. It's more of a special occasion kind of bra.

Not to mention, it's perfect for an outfit that you're pretty sure will be coming off at some point later in the evening. (Just saying!)