Fitted Racerback Tank Top by J.Tomson

Today, I'm really excited to share one of my favorite tank tops with you. It's made by J.Tomson, comes in lots of colors, and offers 2 different racerback cuts.

Sure... All those things are all great. But any woman with breast implants knows there's one must-have ingredient to keep tank tops from making us look like we're 20 pounds overweight:

That's right... Spandex!

Stretchy Racerback Tank by J.Tomson
Stretchy Racerback Tank by J.Tomson

These tank tops have 5% spandex, which gives them the perfect amount of stretchiness... not enough to be uncomfortable, but just the right amount to keep it from "draping" over your boobs.

I probably own 10 of these tank tops in different colors, and it's not unusual for me to grab one to sleep in, lounge around the house in, or go to the park in. They are super versatile, and without a doubt, one of my go-to pieces of casual wear. Did I mention lots of colors?

These run for roughly $11 each on Amazon, and they come in a couple of different styles—one of which has less coverage on the back. The pictures make it really easy to tell the difference, but every now and then I'll get one where the cut doesn't perfect match the picture.

For me, that's not a big deal, but I thought I better say something about it so you are aware.

As you would expect, the lighter colors tend to be a little more sheer than the darker colors, and the quality is what you should expect from an $11 tank.

The last thing I'll mention is how much I like the length of these. They aren't long enough to be considered extra-long—but definitely long enough that my girls don't cause it to come up too high on my waistline. Give them a shot. I think you'll love 'em!