Fashion Tape Strips by Hollywood Fashion Secrets

It's happened (or at least nearly happened) to all of us... maybe you were wearing a low scoop dress, a deep v-neck t-shirt, or in my case a monokini.

This monokini to be exact...

Eden Monokini
Eden Monokini

Everything up to that point on the cruise had been amazing, and I was so excited to wear my brand new swimsuit. I put it on, packed our bag, and headed out to the sunning deck with my husband.

We claimed our spots and started to get our books out (we love to read together on cruises!) But when I bent down to reach into my bag, something went wrong...

All of a sudden, something was showing that wasn't supposed to be showing.

For whatever reason, the cut of my monokini was such that every time I bent over in a certain way, my entire boob would fall out of it!

Naturally, my husband loved it and immediately decided that this was the best bathing suit I'd ever had. After having a good laugh together, I had some problem solving to do.

Thank goodness I had packed some of my double-sided fashion tape by Hollywood Fashion Secrets!

Hollywood Star Fashion Double Side Tape
Hollywood Star Fashion Double Side Tape

Now, up to that point, I had used this fashion tape on all sorts of tops to keep things from falling out or to help me avoid a nip-slip. But I had never considered using it on a bathing suit before. I figured, what the heck... I'll give it a shot. And it worked perfectly!

Thank goodness!

After that vacation, I decided that if there's one item in my clothing arsenal that would get the award for most useful and dependable, it would definitely be this fashion tape by Hollywood Fashion Secrets.

It's continually saved the day for me time and time again, and it's an absolutely must-have for any woman with breast implants :-)