Review: Doveink’s Intuition Recovery Bra

What if there was a bra that was made for women who are recovering from breast surgery—that was actually made by women who have recovered from breast surgery? Thankfully, Inka Stanton and Dovie McVean have teamed up and created the Intuition Recovery Bra!

Creators of the Intuition Recovery Bra

Dovie & Inka, who had an augmentation at the same time, realized the unique needs us women face when recovering from breast surgery—specifically when it comes to our bra.

Unfortunately, most plastic surgeons recommend a standard sports bra for recovery.

Dovie and Inka quickly discovered a need for a multifunctional, comfortable recovery bra due to two major problems with the sports bras they wore after their procedures:

  • As swelling increased and decreased, they had no way to adjust the compression or support
  • Their crease incisions were getting irritated due to the sports bra rubbing against them

Unboxing The Intuition Recovery Bra

When I first pulled out the Intuition Recovery Bra, I have to admit that I was concerned that it might not give me enough support. It is extremely lightweight and soft. But when I put it on, I immediately realized how wrong I was!

The Intuition Recovery Bra

Even though it is very light and breathable, it gave me a very snug, and reassuring fit.

The recovery bra comes in 3 colors: Pink and White, White, and Pink and Black. The one I have is pink and black which has a metallic hot pink zipper (which was a cute little detail I couldn’t dare miss mentioning!)

I love the length of the bra, too. It comes down a few inches further than you’d expect, so it offers a wonderful protection to crease incisions. The bra is lined at the bottom with a velcro-like material that's very soft. For those who need a post-op drain, Doveink also carries a drain pouch that adheres to the velcro to keep you hands free.

What appeals to me the most about this product are the adjustable straps on the top and the sides of the bra.

I can’t tell you how much this would have helped me post op. I had to buy 2 different size sports bra because I wasn’t sure what size I would need! With this bra, you'll have an assurance that it will fit no matter how many CC’s you get.

Another huge plus is the lightweight, breathable material. Its not heavy or thick like some sports bras. I felt like a freakin' furnace during my recovery, and I've heard many women say they had the same experience.

One Word of Caution

The only downside I can see is if a woman has a transaxillary (armpit) incision for their breast augmentation. On me, the recovery bra comes close to my armpits, and I could see that causing potential irritation on an incision.

So Should You Get It?

Think about this... This bra was created by women who have 1) been through a breast augmentation, 2) experienced the recovery process, and 3) have a heart to create a more comfortable recovery for other women. One thing I know for sure...

If I ever get a revision, I will definitely be using the Intuition Recovery Bra.