Deep Scoop Tank Top by LAmade

I remember the day that I first found out about this tank top. One of my girlfriends (who has breast implants) sent me an email recommending it, and she said it was the best scoop neck tank she owned. I was really excited and had every intention of getting it...

Until I saw the price tag.

I told her she was crazy and that my tank tops were just fine. A few months later, I received a package from her in the mail. She had sent me one for my birthday and included a note that said, "I told you so. Love, Kris."

That afternoon, all of my "just fine" tank tops went to Goodwill.

Deep Scoop Tank Top by LAMade
Deep Scoop Tank Top by LAMade

LAmade has created something really special here. Yes, it costs between $15 and $22 on Amazon; but it's been 2 years since Kris sent me one in the mail, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. It's perfect for wearing out, sleeping in, layering, etc, and I doubt there's been a week gone by that I haven't worn one.

What This Tank Has

  • 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – Ya'll know how important I think spandex is for an article of clothing like this. And since the other 95% is cotton, it's super comfy.
  • Extra Long Length – The length of this tank is awesome. When I just wear it with yoga pants, I can pull it down to cover most of my butt. Or, when I wear it with jeans, I can scrunch it up and still not worry about it not awkwardly riding up.
  • Double-Stitched Straps and Edges – From a durability standpoint, this was done exactly right. Everything on this tank is double-stitched, even the straps.

What This Tank Doesn't Have

Strange as it may sound, the features that LAmade decided not to included on this tank are just as important.

  • Adjustable Straps – By not having adjustable straps, this tank top is able to have one continuous piece of fabric from the front scoop to the back scoop. I love the durability this adds.
  • Built-in Shelf Bra – I hate built-in shelf bras. My boobs are always too big for them (32DD), and they never hit them in the right place either. I'm so thankful this tank doesn't have one.
  • Hook and Eye Connectors – Again, from a durability standpoint, I really like that they have nixed any type of cheap plastic connectors on the straps.

To get any kind of life out of most tanks like this, you've got to wash them by hand and dry laying flat. Not so with these. I've been running them through the washing machine non-stop, and couldn't be more impressed with how they've held up.

And of course, they make the girls look great—with or without a bra.