C Magnifique Minimizer Bra by Chantelle

I had my breast augmentation in October of 2010. And within 3 months, I had bought all the clothing you would have expected me to: push-up bras, sexy tops, a bikini for next year, etc. All the necessities for showing off my new girls. But then my husband asked me a terrifying question...

"What you are wearing to my family's Christmas breakfast this year?"

I knew for certain that Christmas morning wasn't really the best time for these double D's to make their big debut to my husband's grandparents and cousins. Plus, just think about how many hugs happen on Christmas...

So after a brief panic attack and hours of research, I found the perfect solution. All through Christmas break that year, I was thanking God for the C Magnifique Minimizer Bra by Chantelle!

C Magnifique Minimizer T-Shirt Bra by Chantelle
C Magnifique Minimizer T-Shirt Bra by Chantelle

Here's the deal... Regardless of how comfortable you are with having big boobs, most of us are going to have situations where we need to keep the girls "contained."

  • Job Interviews
  • Funerals
  • Volunteer Events
  • Church Services

You get my point. And when you have your own "Christmas Morning at the Grandparent's House" moment, you will be so thankful that you have this minimizer bra in your wardrobe!

Of course, since these bras are made by Chantelle, you are going to have an awesome selection of band+cup combinations. I have a black and nude in 32DD (32E in Chantelle sizes) that I got for around $70 on Amazon. The fit is just as expected, they are very comfortable, and have held up really well in the wash.

Here are all the different colors they offer:

One last thing I'll say is that you should never be ashamed of your decision to get breast implants. That's not what my featuring this bra is all about. But, in my opinion, you should also never feel the need to be "that girl" who always has her boobs falling out all over the place 100% of the time (typically a sign of deep insecurity).

For those unique or special events where you find yourself realizing, "It would be inappropriate for my breasts to be a distraction..." this is the perfect bra for such an occasion!