V-Neck Buttondown Sweater by PattyBoutik

Ever since I got breast implants, it's been a slight challenge to find Fall/Winter clothing that helps me stay warm AND doesn't look the slightest bit frumpy.

But thankfully, I ran into this buttondown sweater by PattyBoutik, and it's become my go-to top for such an occasion. It has cute little pockets, the deep V makes it flirty, and of course...

Everything about it makes the girls look fantastic.

V-Neck Buttondown Sweater by PattyBoutik
V-Neck Buttondown Sweater by PattyBoutik

I own two of these sweaters, and I want to share some specifics to you help you decide if this is a style you would enjoy having.

Sleeve Length

All of Patty's sweaters come with an extra long sleeve length. As you can see from the photo above, the model is able to pull them down around her knuckles.

Personally, I LOVE this. My hands tend to get cold in the Fall and Winter, so I really like being able to cover my hands up. I also like how I can pull them over my gloves to keep cold air from getting in. And of course, if I get a little warm in this, I like being able to push the sleeves up on my arm.

The Collar

The first time I put this sweater on, I didn't really like it. For whatever reason, I buttoned every single button and made a turtleneck out of it. I'm not a fan of turtlenecks, so I almost sent it back. But then I remembered the photos of the model and tried it with more of a "pop collar" look. Loved it.

Also, sometimes I fold the collar down so that there isn't any fabric touching my neck, and I really like the look of that too.

3 different looks in one. Can't beat that.

Buttons Buttons

I really like the buttons on this sweater. Not just on the neckline, but on the little pockets as well. They aren't the hard plastic material I would have expected, but they feel almost metal-like.

Depending on the situation, I'll usually leave all but 2 buttons on the neckline open. They've held up really well in the wash, too (although I should probably be hand washing this one)

The Cost

At $40 from Amazon (with free shipping!), this definitely isn't the cheapest sweater I own... but it's definitely the one that makes my girls look their best.