Dellytop Womens V Neck Tank Top

Date night! I get super hyped about a date night.

Date night

The ‘what do I wear?’ drama doesn’t need to be a drama though, girl!

Over on my YouTube channel I’ve been reviewing clothes, bras, all sorts!

So, in my quest for date night drama-free options I picked up a Dellytop V neck tank top from Amazon for a pretty reasonable $15 (the top ranges from $8-16)! NB there’s a few different manufacturers of this exact top on Amazon.

This top comes in a whole heap of different colors including black, army green, yellow, grey, turquoise, burgundy, pink, white AND purple!

DellyTop V Neck Tank Top in Army Green

DellyTop V Neck Tank Top in Army Green

I gravitate towards darker colors (cos they’re slimming) so I tried the black top.

I love how fitted it is without being restrictive. The top has super cute button detailing along the v neck edge.

A low front or push-up bra (so, not Coobie-friendly!) is going to be your best lingerie option with this top for date night because it’s super plungey (not a word, but a totally approriate descriptor!).

The material is a polyester/rayon mix and not super stretchy, which is good because it keeps its shape throughout the day (or evening).

It could easily be a day shirt too (with a higher front bra) as it’s super versatile… going with leggings, jeans etc.

This top has a new and special place in my wardrobe and I will DEFINITELY be exploring the other color options!