C Chic Sexy Push-Up Bra by Chantelle

This push-up bra by Chantelle is by far my favorite "everyday push-up." It gives my girls the perfect shape, some nice lift, and most importantly, I don't hate myself for wearing it 4 hours into the day. In other words, for a push-up bra, it's really comfortable.

Thank you, Chantelle, for allowing me to say the words I've always wanted to say about a push-up bra!

C Chic Sexy Push-Up Bra by Chantelle
C Chic Sexy Push-Up Bra by Chantelle

Similar to Le Mystere, Chantelle have made the wonderful decision to make bras for women who need a smaller band size with a larger cup size. (Women with breast implants almost always fall into this category.) Their 30-inch bands goes all the way up to a F-cup, and their 32, 34 and 36-inch bands all go up to a G-cup. So awesome!!

Another thing I really like about this bra is the removable pads.


It's also convertible (criss cross) and comes in five different colors (black/pink shown at the top of this post).

I personally own three of these bras, and I'm really hoping to get another one in the next few months (saving up in my clothing envelope!) I hope you end up loving it as much as I do!