Bring It Up Adhesive Sticky Bra

Do you ever struggle with an outfit... like, what bra do I wear with this?!


Sometimes you gotta think outside the bra box!

I reviewed the Bring It Up "bra" over on my YouTube channel and I have to say, I'm in love!

It's a super-soft, thin silicone 'cup'. You just peel off the plastic over the adhesive backing and 'stick' it over your breast. Because it's so thin, it's seamless. Like, it's truly invisible, even under a tank top!

The very center isn't sticky... so your nipple won't suffer!

There are other adhesive bras that are cheaper, but trust me, at $30 this is a great investment. It's washable so it's re-usable. Expect to get 20+ wears out of it - you can keep it in good condition by replacing the plastic film to the back after each wear.

Sizing is pretty good too, from A to DDD cup. The bigger cups will give you a 'little lift'.

The Bring It Up bra is a great addition to your intimates wardrobe and, seriously, THE best adhesive bra I've ever owned.

Get yours here: