Grecian Slinky Dress by Blue Banana

Obviously I love plunging necklines, and there's something really special about this dress. It isn't nearly as formal as the Blue Banana Evening Dress, but it's not a casual as the Marilyn Inspired Cocktail Dress. It manages to find that perfect balance between the two while still making your girls look fantastic!

Blue Banana Grecian Slinky Dress
Blue Banana Grecian Slinky Dress

I have this dress in black, and I love to wear it on date nights with my husband. The ruching on the front even helps hide when I've eaten too much, and the neckline provides the perfect landscape for your favorite statement necklace.

If I were to have any complaints about this dress, it would be that I don't have two of them. For a sizing reference, I’m 5′ 4″, 115lbs., 32DD, and I have a size 4. Amazon currently offers it for $85 in lots of sizes and the 6 different colors.

One other feature about this dress that might be important for you to know... the shoulder straps are really about 2" wide, and you don't have to tie them. If you prefer a little less wispy of a look, or you want to hide your bra straps, they easily untie. I love that!