Cut Out Sleeve Dress by Blue Banana

To wrap up the dresses portion of this series, I thought I would share one of the more funky dresses I've got with you :-)

Blue Banana Cut Out Sleeve Dress
Blue Banana Cut Out Sleeve Dress

Now I'm going to warn you... this dress is an attention getter!

There's just something super sexy about how your boobs cause the two thin shoulder straps to slightly raise off your chest. Add to that, it's form fitting, has a very deep neck line, and the back is exposed (but not enough to worry about your butt crack showing). I'm telling you, it's one sexy dress!

It only comes in black, which is fine with me, and sells for $85 on Amazon. To help you with sizing, I’m 5′ 4″, 115lbs., 32DD, and I have a size 6. I also like to wear a much more simple necklace that's long enough to sit slightly within my cleavage, and I like tying the back to where it doesn't hang down as much. Might as well show it all!

Honestly, when I wear this dress, it almost feels like I'm not wearing anything from my waist up. I think it's because there is so much skin being exposed. This is one of those dresses where I have to decide that I'm going to be a strong, confident woman when I walk into the room. Otherwise, I feel a little exposed haha. It's totally worth it, though.

One last thing I really love about this dress is that it covers my arms up. It adds a pleasant level of security to the dress, while also helping me from getting too cold. Love this dress!