Warner's Simply Perfect Bra

Bras are not always synonymous with comfort!

I get asked a LOT what my favorite bra is. The only thing is... I don't wear traditional bras!

Bra off

Instead I love coobies, sports bras and bralettes. Comfort is TOP of my underwear shopping wishlist! There's a downside to the comfy zone though and it's... uniboob.

So, I was super interested when I found this new "bra" in Target.

Say hello to my new best friend, the 'Simply Perfect' bra by Warner's.

This bra has totally changed my ways! Seriously, it is the MOST comfy "bra" I have ever owned.

It's kinda in between a bra and a coobie because with:

  • Longline design - extra material under the bust gives great support
  • Wire-free design - the comfort of a coobie that I love!
  • A standard bra fastening - adjustable clasp rear-fastening 
  • Multi-wear adjustable straps - super secure clips at the front mean you can un-clip and change the straps from standard to racer back
  • Slightly-padded, moulded cups - gives shape and 'separates' your girls (unlike a bralette)

It's got the look and comfort of a coobie (super soft, breathable fabric) with the support of a bra. What's not to love?! Seriously, I ditched my coobies and bought 6 of these!

It's a big bonus that it comes in a few different colors and a good range of sizes. My "bra" size is somewhere between 32-34 DD/DDD and I picked up a Medium in the Simply Perfect bra.

So, next time I get asked what my favorite bra is you know what I'm going to say... the Warner's Simply Perfect bra! Here's the link to get yours! https://amzn.to/2MDz6Ll

Girl, your bra really can be your best friend!