Will My Breast Implants Get Bigger or Smaller When They Drop?

Believe it or not, our breasts are changing ALL the time!

Breast Implants

Our breasts change as, well, we change! With life (weight loss/gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding) and aging, your girls are along for the ride too!

And, after a breast augmentation your breasts will change over time too. 

I get asked a LOT if breasts change size when they go through the settling (drop and fluff) process after a breast augmentation.

To answer this question let me take you through the post-op journey your breasts will go through.

Early Breast Augmentation Recovery...

Straight after surgery your breasts are gonna be swollen up top (upper pole). Breast implants 'ride high' on your chest as your breast tissues and chest muscle (when the breast implant is placed under it) stretch out from the implant.

It takes your body time to learn to accommodate the breast implant. You may even get muscle spasms which can keep implants under the muscle riding high for a longer period of time.

A couple of months after your breast augmentation...

You should notice things starting to settle down properly 6-8 weeks after your breast augmentation, when post-op swelling reduces astronomically. I'm gonna be honest, a lot of women get kinda sad when the swelling goes down as they think their breasts have shrunk.

Breast Implants

Swelling is a temporary thing! As your swelling goes down and as your skin and tissues start to relax your breast implant will start to drop into the pocket created by the surgeon.

That early, swollen upper pole shifts and the bottom part of the breasts fluff out, creating a more natural looking breast implant. 

There’s actually THREE certainties in life (not just two)! Death, taxes and... gravity!

Gravity is pretty much a 100% effect that you can rely upon!

Dropping and fluffing happens at different rates depending on each women's breast skin and tissue quality, down to age, life history (pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes etc) and lifestyle (active or couch potato - affecting muscle quality).

So, do breast implants get bigger or smaller?

I’m going to smash a breast augmentation myth here... breasts implants don't change size. Your breasts, however, will change shape. So many women see this as a size change but it's the settling process that you see... swelling going (shrinking) and breasts softening (growing).

Fullness goes from the upper breast to the lower breast as the breast implant drops and you'll start to see more projection as muscles and tissues relax around the implant.

The reason you might question this as a size change is because you bra size may change!

Because your breasts change shape you tend to fill out your bras differently... and THIS is why your bra size might change (bigger or smaller). You still have the same implant volume (it's just minus the post-op swelling to your breast tissue).

Trust me, girl, you’ll be spilling out of the first bras you buy since the softening is where the real magic happens!

This is why it is so, so, SO important not to judge your post-surgical outcome until your implants have fully settled (up to 3-6 months after surgery). It’s no coincidence that one of your post-op followups will be around the 3 month mark when your breasts should have settled!