Will My Breast Implants Ever Soften?

The early days, weeks (and sometimes months) after a breast augmentation surgery you should totally be prepared for your implants to feel a little, well, strange.


Your new girls will feel stretched, high and pretty tight (especially tight if they’re placed under the chest muscle) right after surgery.

You’ll go on a unique post-op journey with your girls as they transition from the early not-quite-the-immediate-new-beautiful-breasts-you-were-expecting, through to the ‘ta-da’ moment of your newly settled girls.

While you wait for the magic settling process (aka ‘drop and fluff’) you won’t be alone if you ask yourself: when will my breasts implants soften?


Straight up girl, you don’t go from surgery to soft (breasts) overnight!

And...your breast implants aren’t even what’s softening! Breast implants are actually exactly the same ‘feel’ inside your body as they are outside. What you’re waiting for is: when will your breasts soften? Surgery is trauma, trauma causes swelling and tightening of the pec muscle. Add to this the placement of the breast implants into the pockets your surgeon creates in your breasts and it all equals... pressure.


Breast Implants and Softness

The ‘type’ of breast implant (whether it’s filled with silicone or saline) is one of the key factors to how soft an implant will feel inside your body.

Saline implants are typically firmer, silicone more natural-feeling.

Not to complicate things too much here but silicone implants have different levels of cohesiveness (how firm the silicone is).

If you want to get a better idea of how each of the breast implant types actually feels, ask your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to show you some examples during your consultation. Getting to feel each type is an important part of your breast implant selection.

                There’s really no right or wrong here!

How soft you want to go depends on what you prefer. As a general rule of thumb, if you want the most natural-feeling implant opt for silicone. I opted for saline for both of my breast augmentations because I didn’t mind a firmer-feel breast implant. See... no right or wrong!

Your Current Anatomy

The other key factor to how soft an implant will feel inside your body is... you! Well, what your existing breast tissue is like, anyway.

The more natural breast tissue you have to start out with the softer an implant will feel – because more tissue cushions the breast implant (regardless of what type it is). More natural breast tissue means more coverage of the implant, meaning you’ll feel the breast implant less. Less breast tissue means less coverage of the implant, meaning you’re likely to feel the breast implant more (which, although soft, will be firmer than someone with lots of natural breast tissue).   

So, a combination of breast implant type and existing anatomy will give you the ‘feel’ outcome of your breast augmentation.

But when will they soften?


Patience, patience, patience!

Getting to a ‘squish and jiggle’ point in your boobie journey is a major milestone! We just can’t be that specific about when it will be.

There’s really no magic timeline for when things will start to soften.  Your augmentation journey will be unique. As a general rule you can expect to wait 6 - 8 weeks for some the post-op swelling to go down. After that, when your breast implants finish dropping and fluffing could be super fast or a bit of a longer game. It all depends on you (as in your pre-surgery breast anatomy), your surgery (how involved your surgery is – e.g. if a lift is involved, how big you go) and the breast implants that you choose.

Be patient and you really will see your (potentially) post-surgery crazy strange-feeling breast implants turn in to your fully-settled and soft new girls.