How Long Until My Breast Implants Settle into Place?

Patience is a virtue. Never is this truer than when you’re straight out of surgery and waiting for the magic to happen!


When I say ‘magic’ what I’m really referring to is your breast implants settling after surgery into their final place!

Settling in to place

After surgery you can expect your body to be taking a well-deserved time out. Girl, surgery is genuinely a big deal. The trauma from the surgery deserves some down time to allow your body to fully recoup and recover.

You can expect your breasts to look a little less than perfect (sometimes called ‘Frankenboob’ because they can look a bit freaky!) to start with.

Give your girls a break!

There’ll be some swelling and maybe a little bit of bruising and your implants… well, they’re not going to be looking picture perfect just yet. Side note: hence the patience mantra.


To begin with, your breast implants are held high and tight on your chest by either your chest muscles and/or swelling.

As the swelling begins to subside after the first few weeks your breast implants will begin to settle in to place.

But, when will MY implants drop and fluff?!

WHEN this happens and HOW LONG it takes is different, from person-to-person.


Generally speaking you’ll hear that most women can expect to see final results around 6-9 months after surgery. Sometimes it may be shorter or longer. And, guess what, this depends also on your existing breast anatomy and if this is a second breast augmentation. Some women’s breast implants take longer to drop in to the breast pocket due to a constriction (tightness) in the breast tissue (e.g. tuberous breasts).

A timeline

Between 6 weeks to 3 months you’ll start to see some pretty epic changes! Your body has now gotten over surgery so your implants will make the most rapid progress in their settling journey into the breast pocket.

Then, from 3-9 months the changes are usually more subtle again. The changes will not be massively obvious but if you were to take regular progress photos of your breasts (which some women find really helpful) over this time period you’d see your final post-op breasts being revealed.

So, the BIG question of when your breast implants will drop is not a one size fits all answer! It depends on you and your unique surgery. But, with a little patience, you can expect to see your breasts starting their dropping journey about 10 days after your surgery and the BIG REVEAL (i.e. your final result) to be anywhere from 6-9 months after surgery.