Why You Might Need a Pocket Revision After Your Breast Augmentation

When placing a breast implant into your body your Board Certified plastic surgeon has to create a ‘pocket’ inside the breast.


Breast implant Pocket 101

The pocket a surgeon creates to place the breast implant inside the breast involves cutting (dissection) with surgical tools.

The first part involves making an incision (cut) in the skin (this can either be in the fold under the breast, in the armpit, or around the nipple). Next, the surgeon cuts through tissue and/or muscle (depending on placement) inside the breast. This newly-created space is the pocket where the breast implant will be placed.

Creating the pocket is a super-skilled part of breast augmentation surgery.

Pocket Revision

If, after surgery, there is a problem with where the breast implant is sitting inside the breast (something we call ‘displacement’) a pocket revision may be needed.

A revision is what we call a surgery that’s used to fix something.

If a surgeon needs to revise the breast pocket it involves surgery to the pocket to make the breast implant sit better inside the breast.

The types of pocket revision will depend on the type of breast implant displacement. For example:

  • A displaced breast implant could be too far out to the side (lateral displacement) - this would require a revision to the side of the pocket so the breast implant moves away from the side of the chest back towards the middle of the body.

  • A displaced breast implant could be too low in the breast (double bubble) - this would require a revision to tighten the bottom part of the pocket so the breast implant sits higher up on the breast.

  • A displaced breast implant where the implants are too large for your frame and/or the breast pocket is cut too wide, this is called symmastia - this would require a revision with stitches to reinforce the pocket so the implants move further apart.

A pocket revision, put basically, is a revision to change the space the breast implant sits in inside the breast. The most common pocket revision is to address a pocket that is too big.

If you have any concerns about the position of your breast implants reach out to your Board Certified plastic surgeon. Implants take at least 6 months to fully settle so any early issues could possibly resolve with time. But if you notice your breast implants aren’t doing what they should after 6 months, it’s time to have a conversation with your surgeon. And if needed, discuss next steps for a pocket revision .