After Your Breast Augmentation: Washing, Bathing & Swimming

After Your Breast Augmentation: Washing, Bathing & Swimming

You should expect there to be restrictions after your breast augmentation when it comes to showering, bathing and swimming. To put it one way, your relationship with water right after surgery may be... disrupted!

Part of a positive recovery after your breast augmentation is about reaching certain recovery milestones... so you get back to feeling normal as soon as you can.

This can be tricky when you have restrictions from your plastic surgeon about washing and bathing.

Your post-op restrictions are only temporary. It will get better!

The reason behind post-op bathing restrictions is to ensure your breast implant incision wounds do not get wet. When they're new and haven't yet started to heal shut there's an infection risk if anything gets in to the wound.

Showering After a Breast Augmentation

You're going to need to be patient to get through the early days of recovery. Give yourself a break, take it easy... and have a packet of baby wipes handy (but don't use them on your incision sites)!

You'll usually be able to take your first shower 24-48 hours after your breast augmentation.

After Your Breast Augmentation: Washing, Bathing & Swimming

Expect your plastic surgeon to give you specific instructions (e.g. to pat dry any dressings) as you'll need to shower with care so you don't disrupt any dressings or bandages.

Taking a Bath after a Breast Augmentation

I won't lie... I really missed having bubble baths when I was recovering from my breast augmentation. You will be able to have a 'bottom half' bath (i.e. fill it enough to cover up to your stomach, but no higher) to go about your washing business in the early days after surgery.

BUT, you won't be able to submerge yourself fully in the bath until around 3-4 weeks post-op, when your dressings should be off and your wounds are healing nicely.

After Your Breast Augmentation: Washing, Bathing & Swimming

Keeping your wounds protected is really important to ensure everything heals properly.

Swimming after Your Breast Augmentation

It'll take about 3-4 weeks for your breast implant incisions to be scab-free and fully sealed. Then you're clear to submerge your incisions, so you'll be allowed to go swimming (pool or ocean).

Swimming after Your Breast Augmentation

That's just being in the water though. Most plastic surgeon's won't clear you for strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks after surgery so be sure to check with your surgeon when you can resume swimming laps if this is how you stay fit.

Plastic surgeons have their own specific post-op instructions, so be sure to follow your surgeon's advice.

And it's really important to follow their advice so you minimize the potential for complications, and to ensure you have a smooth recovery. You'll be showering, bathing and swimming before you know it!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

We actually recommend as part of our Rapid Recovery process that you take a warm shower the evening after your surgery. The purpose there is to help relax the muscle, and we know that it's also nice to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

We do recommend that you avoid submerging the incision for the first 3-4 weeks as Jenny Eden mentions, just to be sure that incision is well healed.