Unexpected Pain After A Breast Augmentation

Unexpected Pain After A Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a pretty big shock to the body, and what our body goes through during a breast augmentation is very intense.

Everyone is different in their recovery after getting breast implants—some lucky souls are pain free within a matter of days and others have a longer ride.

As a general rule the first 48 hours after your breast augmentation are the roughest. Your actual surgical pains should be resolved by the end of your first week (allow up to 2 weeks with breast implants under the muscle).

You’re probably expecting your chest to hurt after your breast augmentation. You might not expect however for other parts of you to hurt!

Body Pain After a Breast Augmentation

You shouldn't be 'in pain' after your breast augmentation... that’s what the pain meds are for. Pain management is key.

You won't necessarily be feeling pain in your breasts. The actual surgery is a big trauma for our whole bodies.

You end up guarded post-op and over compensate to avoid hurting your breasts, and you end up using poor body mechanics, which can cause pain elsewhere.

Moving slowly and carefully, hunching, sleeping upright, and doing pretty much an abdominal workout to get yourself out of bed or a chair all puts strain on your muscles!

I would only describe the day of a breast augmentation as "pain", after that it was discomfort (from doing all of the above!) and the parts of me that were most uncomfortable weren’t even my breasts!


  • My back hurt

  • My neck hurt

  • My shoulders hurt

  • At one stage, even my arms hurt!

It was like I’d done a wrestling body slam... serious muscle aches!

When will the pain go away after a breast augmentation?

By week 3 after a breast augmentation most women are feeling back to 100%.

Until then, you need to ride out the discomfort by keeping mobile, trying not to be too guarded in your movements (but seriously, no rule breaking on the no exercise/lifting stuff), and make your sleeping/sitting positions as comfortable as possible with pillows and cushions (sleep is as key to your recovery as anything).

Maximize comfort, minimize discomfort.

Check with your plastic surgeon if there's anything you can do to stay limber; any arm movements (mine had be doing gentle arm circles/raises to stop tension in my back and shoulders), massage, and heat or cold therapy on sore muscles.

You can expect to be sore and uncomfortable for at least a week, and as the days and weeks pass there will be discomforts that are just a nuisance until you wake up one day and all is well (and boy what a relief your first comfortable day is!).

Try your best to stay comfy... relax and heal :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

We have definitely noticed a major improvement in recovery after breast augmentation since starting our rapid recovery protocol.

Most women typically only report some discomfort for the first days and by the end of the first week, there may be some tightness or soreness from swelling, but actually very little pain.