How Long After Getting Breast Implants Can I Wear Underwire Bras?

Time for confession... One of the things I sincerely wish I had more of is patience! Can you relate?

Here's how impatient I can be... Just the other day, I had to go to my dentist which is on the 4th floor of an office building. And while I was riding the elevator from the 1st to the 4th floor, I found myself getting antsy that it was taking so long.


Here I was in a miraculous box that required me to do nothing but a press a button to get to my destination which was 50 feet above me, and I was still anxious about the speed at which things were going :-D

Unfortunately, waiting to get the green light to wear underwire bras after a breast augmentation can be a similar feeling.

In fact, I remember asking my plastic surgeon how long until I could go bra shopping after getting breast implants, and here's the look I gave him after he answered me:

How Long After Getting Breast Implants Can I Wear Underwire Bras?

Now, I intentionally didn't tell you how long I had to wait, because I need to make sure to say this first...

There is not a one size fits all answer for when you can start wearing underwire bras.

Sometimes surgeons will let you start wearing them as soon as your incisions heal, sometimes it's 2 weeks, sometimes 6 weeks, or even as long as 6 months.

If it's helpful for you, the most common length of time I've heard is 6 weeks—which is what my surgeon said. This definitely isn't enough time for most women to drop and fluff, but it's long enough for a lot of healing to take place.

So how does this timeframe get decided? Honestly, there's typically more than one variable that goes into this. Surgeons tell me that they factor a lot of things into their answer, including:

  • Their personal experiences

  • Breast Implant placement and method

  • Breast Implant & Incision type

Regardless of the timeframe your plastic surgeon suggests, trust them. You hired them for their expertise, right? Beside, the first time you see your girls in your favorite bra, it'll have been worth the wait :-)

Quick Tip

When I was transitioning from high impact sports bras to underwire, I fell in love with some really affordable seamless bras that I found on Amazon.

Seamless Sports Bra for Breast Implants, r

Seamless Sports Bra for Breast Implants, r

Even though the description says, "One size fits A–B Cups Best," I took the risk and was very happy with the level compression and support... something my new DD's really needed during that time. They also come in a ton of different colors :-)

Confession: I still wear these all the time.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

The main reason to avoid underwire bras after surgery is to avoid pressure and discomfort on the incision if it's in the fold under your breast. The incision is well healed at 2 weeks and fully healed at 6 weeks, so that is why most surgeons use those milestones for returning to underwire bras if that's your preference.

I would recommend waiting at least 2 weeks, and the bottom line after that really is to do what feels most comfortable to you.