My Top 3 Favorite Scar Treatments

Scars are an inevitable part of any surgery. Many women choose to treat their scars following a breast augmentation surgery... to make them less noticeable.


You won’t ever truly make a scar invisible though! But you can give it a really big helping hand on its healing journey so that, over time, it isn’t something you notice.

Which scar treatment?

I notice a lot of women asking about scars treatments or talking about their choice of scar treatment for after their breast augmentation in my online community, Bustmob.

There is, as you’d expect, a lot of choice!

I wanted to give you the lowdown on my 3 favorite scar treatments:

  • Jenny Eden’s Scar Salve

  • ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets

  • Skinmedica Scar Recovery Gel


1.       Jenny Eden’s Scar Salve - The Natural Option

If you’re looking for an all-natural, holistic way of treating your post-op scars then look no further!

Scar salve

Scar Salve $29 for 2oz/60ml

This goes beyond a plug, girl! I spent years creating my handmade scar salve and I’ve seen incredible results from it.

Scar Salve has just 8 natural, organically-sourced ingredients:

  • Arnica Montana Flowers - Arnica is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies for pain management. Some of its many benefits include: easing muscle pain, promotes healing of bruises and wounds, alleviates inflammation, fights infection and boosts healing.

  • Calendula Flowers - Prevents premature aging and keeps your breast skin supple and resilient. I use calendula in several of the products in my Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit as it has amazing skin regeneration properties and stimulates the production of collagen. It also moisturizes too!

  • St. John’s Wort — Naturally medicinal, soothing, and hydrating with anti-bacterial properties and natural essential oils that increase the bodies rate of repair and accelerate elastin production.

  • Lavender Essential Oil - Naturally stimulates your skins rejuvenation process.

  • Wild Rose Hips – Naturally full of vitamins and minerals that improve your skin’s deep-tissue moisture levels and stimulate collagen production.

  • Pure Jojoba Oil - Providing vitamins and minerals to aid in skin cell regeneration.

  • Raw Beeswax - A natural emollient and humectant, which means that it locks moisture into your skin without clogging your pores - high in Vitamin A, which softens and rehydrates skin cells while accelerating cell reconstruction.

Scar Salve is suitable for use once your incisions have closed (around 4-6 weeks after surgery).

Apply the salve 2-3 times a day along the length of the incision, in a small circular motion. In fact, gentle massaging of a scar will aid collagen production (the protein your body makes to give our skin strength and elasticity and replace dead skin cells).

Click here to buy now, and you’ll even get free shipping in the U.S!

2.       ScarAway - The Drugstore Option

If you find yourself in a drug store you could pick up an over-the-counter scar treatment like ScarAway.

Scar Away

$24 for 8 reusable sheets

I see a lot of chat about these medical-grade silicone-based scar treatments. Again, they’re designed to be used on a healed wound but they can also be used on older scars.

The idea behind these silicone sheets is to make scars “flatter, smoother, less visible and closer to your skin’s natural color and texture”.

The science behind using silicone in scar treatments is that it hydrates and softens the scar over time.

Some surgeons recommend them, some don’t and you’ll see very mixed reviews about them online. It seems it works for some and not for others.

ScarAway is available in the U.S. and Canada and you can even buy them online from Amazon.

On a washed and dried scar you stick the sheet over your (healed) wound, wearing it for a minimum of 12 hours (and a maximum of 23 hours) a day. Each sheet is designed to be reused up to 14 times (if washed carefully after each use).


3.       Skinmedica Scar Recovery Gel - The Fancy Stuff

This is, without doubt, a much more high-end scar treatment!

Skin Medica

$100 for 2oz/60ml

You’d be forgiven for getting a bit lost with the ingredients list...

Centelline (described as a blend of naturally-derived specialty ingredients: Centella asiatica, Bulbine frutescens and Oleuropein)

Basically, it’s a science thing! Designed for newly-healed scars (as opposed to older scars) this treatment is designed to be applied twice-daily and claims to “soften the appearance of scars”.

I couldn’t decipher much more than this but it does get favorable reviews, so if you’re in the market for a bigger-budget option this could be the scar treatment for you.

You’ll find this scar treatment online at places like Amazon, or you may be able to pick it up from your Surgeon’s office if they endorse it.


When it comes to treating your post-op scars you have lots of choice! If you ask your fellow boobie sisters what worked for them you’ll also find a mix of answers!

How a scar heals is as unique as you are! Depending on what approach you want to use will determine what help you might want to improve the healing and outcome of your scars.

If, like me, you like all-natural products you can give your incisions a truly natural and holistic helping hand with my Scar Salve.

After all, a breast augmentation surgery is an investment... so you’ll want to look after your investment. 😉