What Not To Do After Your Breast Augmentation! (Unless Your Surgeon Tells You To)

Although it might be confusing it's important to realize that... every surgeon has their own, different, way of doing things!

breast augmentation

Why? Well, every surgeon, every breast augmentation and every recovery is different. Your own surgeon will base their recommendations on their own knowledge and personal experience and... you!

There's a few aspects of a breast augmentation recovery that may (or may not) be recommended by your surgeon.

1. Breast Massage After a Breast Augmentation

Breast massaging after a breast augmentation can be a controversial subject. Some surgeons recommend all their patients perform a specific breast implant massage technique (sometimes called 'breast implant displacement exercises') after a breast augmentation. Other surgeons only recommend some of their patients do it. 

IF breast implant massage is recommended it'll be because the surgeon feels it will help the breast implant to 'drop' into the pocket. 

You should NOT do this if it's not recommended as it could cause damage to your internal pocket... and that could lead to your implants not settling correctly.


2. Wearing a Breast implant strap

Some patients will be advised to use a 'breast implant displacement strap' post-op while other patients won't need to!

2. Wearing a Breast implant strap

The main reason a breast implant strap is recommended is for breast implants that ride high (sit too high up on the chest) as pressure from the strap helps push the breast implants down in to the pocket.

Whether or not you have to wear a strap over the top of your breasts after your breast augmentation depends on your own unique circumstances and the preferences of your surgeon.

You should NEVER wear one unless told to by your surgeon. Again, going rogue here could cause damage to your healing breast implant pocket. 


3. Rapid Recovery after a Breast Augmentation

Surgical techniques are always advancing and so, as techniques get refined, so does the associated recovery time. Compared to early breast augmentations the recovery is quite fast.

Rapid Recovery is a specific (less invasive) surgical approach to breast augmentation that enables women to get back to normal after surgery much quicker. 

Unless you are actually having a breast augmentation with the rapid recovery protocol do NOT attempt a rapid recovery!

Rapid Recovery

Doing things too fast (and going against your surgeon's recovery instructions) could land you in hot water and at risk of complications that may jeopardise your healing and ultimately your breast augmentation outcome.


Pick a surgeon you trust and then trust their judgement with their recovery protocols. If they consistently get good results with the way they do their breast augmentations, then you are in good hands.

It's important to understand that certain post-op recommendations are only put in place if they're medically necessary. Always follow YOUR surgeon’s instructions.