After a Breast Augmentation: The Horror of Frankenboob

For me, one of the most difficult parts of having a breast augmentation was the 3 to 4 month period between the procedure and dropping and fluffing—the process where breast implants go from Frankenboob, all up around your collarbone, to actually looking like you wanted them to.

If you are currently waiting for your breast implants to settle down, I want to encourage you today.

I know it's difficult.

I know it seems like something is wrong. And I know it seems like they're never going to look just like you want them to. Sure, sometimes complications happen, but being anxious about it isn't going to help one way or another.

Take a breath, and then another one, and then look around. There so many women who would love to connect with you today... There's just something magical that happens when we shelf our own worries in order to pour into someone else.

It always makes things brighter.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Particularly when your implants are placed under the muscle, we expect there to be a lot of fullness of the upper portion of your breasts initially. That significantly improves within the first few weeks, and as the implant settles and the lower portion of your breast shapes to accommodate the implant you will begin to see the long-term results.