The First Reveal After Your Breast Augmentation

Leading up to your breast augmentation you won't be alone if you're worried.

Worried about the surgery, the anesthetic, going too big, going too small, pain, whether you'll like your results... worry, worry, worry!

But once you've worked through all your worries you can allow yourself to get excited about the future with your new girls. Excited about... your new curves, your new confidence, your new wardrobe... excitement, excitement, excitement!


A pretty big step in your boobie journey is the first time someone else sees your new girls!

Your Main Man

Even in the ideal scenario of your significant other being totally on board, you'd be totally normal if you worried about their reaction to the new girls.


Your significant other may be as excited as you are about the arrival of the new girls!

I love hearing the support the ladies on Bustmob (the Eden Knows Implants online Breast Augmentation community) get from their partners. There are guys out there who join us in our surgery countdown, help us pick our boobie guide, join us at our consultations, help support us through recovery and tag-along on our hunt for new lingerie!

No matter how supportive, nothing may stop you from worrying about the first unveiling.

One thing you can do to feel less worried is to temper their expectations, let them know it's a process getting from surgery day to lingerie day.


If your partner is by your side on your boobie journey they may see the new girls not too long after surgery.

The first reveal post-op is NOT your final new breasts size and shape!

Having done your BA research you'll already know that the first time you see your breasts after surgery you may be shocked, even a little disappointed, as your breasts will likely be sore, swollen, bruised and.... misshapen.

Get your partner involved in your pre-surgery research so they too know all about the Spongebob Squareboobs (aka Frankenboob) phenomenon and can support you when you have the boobie blues while you wait for the mystical drop and fluff!

That way, when your new girls get their first 'boudoir outing' you'll both be able to appreciate their (and your) new body transformation.

Giving Up The Game on Social Media

Who you tell about your breast augmentation is up to you. And, most of the time, you'd be surprised how few people notice the actual changes to your breasts... they tend to notice more the change in you.

Friends and family may know and be totally on board with your decision to get breast implants. That kind of support is what we all want.

Sometimes though we don't get a choice in who we tell or when we tell.

What if you get outed on social media?


Your worry about a 'big reveal' may have nothing to do with anyone actually seeing your new breasts. Instead, it might just be a worry that someone notices and breaks out of social etiquette and tells the whole social media world!

Did you get your boobs done?

If this happens to you girl, chin-up (chest out) and pull it back with pride, or a little white lie "don't you just love a great push-up bra?!". Handle it however you're comfortable doing so.

Worrying about other people’s reactions to your new girls is a natural part of a boobie journey. But your first 'big reveal' doesn't have to be scary.

If you and your friends/family/significant other know what your breasts will look like straight after surgery (and how they're going to change over time) you may you have a whole heap of supporters joining you on your boobie journey!