The 3 Stages of Recovery After Your Breast Augmentation

Pretty much every part of a boobie journey can be exciting, girl!


Even your recovery can be full of special moments. Check out these 3-stages to see why!

Stage 1 - something new

Have you ever waited for something so long, then when you got the excitement was just…. ANOTHER LEVEL?!

Big reveal

For most women, even though it is surgery (eek scary!), the moment that you get wheeled in and come out the other side with a new pair of tatas is… AMAZING.

Sometimes, it’s even love at first sight… even with your bandages and dressings on!

Honestly, I’d totally describe it as being on Cloud 9. Yes, you have a road of recovery ahead of you BUT you took that step, you’re out the other side and all the good feelings are starting to happen.

Stage 2 - Cray cray

It’s not uncommon that after the first week or two, you may start to feel a bit… unhinged.

You’re feeling crazy for two reasons, girl:

  1. You’ve been protecting your new additions by following all the ‘take it easy’ post-op instructions but you’re going to start to feel a bit…. stir crazy!

Get me back to my normal life!!

Get me back to my normal life!!

Never has it been more important to be patient with yourself. How you approach your early recovery phase is super important to how well your recovery goes, and your best outcome from surgery.

2. Spending those first couple of weeks recovering, hurting, and taking pain medication can give you a major case of ‘the gloom’. The boobie blues are real!


If you anticipate the emotional rollercoaster it’s actually not as intense. You may feel blue after surgery. This is normal!

Your girls will go through their own (maybe slow) journey to transform from their post-op weird shape into the beautiful breasts you’ll see in the months ahead. It can all get a bit much.

Be patient, be kind to yourself and if nothing else… keep your eyes on the prize!

Stage 3 - happily ever after

Believe it or not (and it can be hard to when you’re in stages 1 and 2!) you WILL get back to normal.


After a period of downtime (recovery) getting ‘back to normal’ is actually pretty exciting!

You can really start to see how your new girls fit in to your life (think: shopping and bathing suits) and the memory of recovery becomes more and more a distant memory as you… just get on with your life. And by that I mean living your best life.

Choosing to get a breast augmentation is empowering! When you’re out of surgery you can be on Cloud 9. When you’re recovering you can go a bit cray-cray and even feel a bit glum. But then…. you’re out the other side and getting on with life with your new girls. It’s a rollercoaster girl but it’ll be one of the best ones you’ve ever experienced.