Surviving Morning Boob After Your Breast Augmentation

You're likely to see lots of unfamiliar terms in the breast augmentation community when you start your breast implant journey. Let's talk 'morning boob', and how to survive it.

What Is Morning Boob?

Have I bamboozled you? Morning boob... say what?!

what is morning boob after a breast augmentation?

One major part of morning boob is tightness.

In the early post-op period your body needs to get used to your breast implants. Your skin and muscles are stretched. (Which is why it's so important to keep your skin moisturized!)

During the day you won't feel that stretching too much, but at night when your body is only making little movements your muscles tighten up. So, when you wake up they're tighter, and that tightness and discomfort over your breast implants is... morning boob. Get it? 😋

The other part of morning boob is swelling from fluid (your body's reaction to healing injured tissue). Swelling can also contribute to the tightness of morning boob. Which is a key reason why you're told to sleep upright... to stop fluid building up around your breasts.

What Does Morning Boob Feel Like?

The most common comparison I hear is that morning boob feels like engorgement. Engorgement is when you're breastfeeding, and your breasts are full of milk. Like, uncomfortably full!

Or some say rocks... your boobs will feel like hard rocks, stuck on your chest... or like someone sat on your chest while you slept!

How Can I Stop Morning Boob?

Unfortunately, you can't stop morning boob from happening. You can help shake it off when you wake up by getting up, moving around and effectively 'warming up' your body so the tightness eases.

You shouldn't need to take pain meds for it. It'll improve day-by-day as your recovery progresses. But make sure you don't actually exercise to warm up... too much movement can cause complications (like bleeding).

How Long Will Morning Boob Last?

If you're waking up morning after morning with a tight, uncomfortable feeling in your breasts it can totally get you feeling down.

What is Morning Boob?

What is Morning Boob?

But chin up! As your skin and muscles get used to the breast implants, morning boob will disappear.

The first few weeks after both my breast augmentations I woke up with morning boob EVERY day! Then it became less intense and it was totally gone after a couple of months.

There's just a couple of exceptions to be aware of... the first time you have sex after breast surgery don't be surprised if your breasts tighten (this is totally normal!) AND when you are cleared for exercise that first time you hit the gym you might get some tightness then too.

It's a bit annoying waking up with breast tightness after an augmentation.... but it goes away and you can survive it!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

We used to think, as surgeon's, that you should limit your movement and muscle stretching after a breast augmentation. We were afraid that you would go home and stretch and screw things up. With Rapid Recovery, we have learned the opposite is true.

Rapid Recovery works by stretching and softening the muscle that is injured in surgery. So if you're looking for the quickest way to get over this in the morning, and if you have approval from your doctor, make stretching your arms straight above your head and holding them for 15 seconds three times a part of your recovery routine.