Stomach Sleeping After Your Breast Augmentation

Sleep during your recovery from a breast augmentation surgery can be... interesting!

Stomach Sleeping After Your Breast Augmentation

Recovering from a breast augmentation is tiring! Sleeping with your new additions though can be challenging/uncomfortable and everything in between.

And... you definitely SHOULDN'T be sleeping on your stomach!

If you're a stomach-sleeper this can be a very unwelcome post-op instruction!

Advice about sleeping positions after a breast augmentation (to sleep on your back, propped-up) is to help your body heal, prevent complications, and help your breast implants to settle in to a good position.

The on-your-back sleeping position is recommended for the first 6 weeks after your breast augmentation.

After that 6-week point you may be okay to resume side or stomach sleeping but check with your own surgeon so they can advise based on your recovery. Expect (worse case scenario) to be told stomach sleeping is not advised for up to 3 months post-op!

Why Can’t I sleep On my Stomach after a Breast Augmentation?

Those early weeks after a breast augmentation your body is creating a natural capsule of scar tissue around the breast implant sitting in the breast pocket created by your surgeon. How long this takes depends on your healing journey.

So, the advice to refrain from stomach sleeping for the first 6 weeks is to ensure that you aren't going to disrupt the capsule forming by putting pressure on the pocket.

The pressure caused by stomach sleeping too soon can risk pushing the breast implant out sideways and creating a lateral displacement. Which is a complication that could only be fixed by a breast augmentation revision surgery.

Sleeping beauty

In the longer term some surgeons think that sleeping on your stomach may actually have an advantage.

Stomach Sleeping After Your Breast Augmentation

This hasn't be proven, but some doctors believe the theory that stomach sleeping could create a wider pocket for your breast implant, reducing your chances of developing capsular contracture.

In the same way that some surgeons encourage post-op massage, the pressure of stomach sleeping (when it's safe!) could keep your implant mobile in the natural scar capsule.

Post-op you may struggle to sleep well but, in time, it DOES get easier and long-term you'll get back to your usual sleep position and pattern. Always follow your surgeon's post-op advice about sleeping position for the best outcome.