Sleeping in a Bra After a Breast Augmentation

Sleeping in a Bra After a Breast Augmentation

The questions you might have about bras after getting breast implants are more than likely totally normal! Bras are one thing I am asked about almost daily.

One of the questions I see asked a lot is:

Should I wear a sleep bra after a breast augmentation?

The honest answer is... there are no hard and fast rules when comes to anything bras after a breast augmentation!

There are lots of things that plastic surgeons ask their patients to do after surgery (including what the do's and don't's are for bras). Some of them are based on science, but lots of them are based on preference and experience.

And this is what you may find with advice on wearing a sleep bra...

Do I need to sleep in a bra if I Have Breast Implants?

Support is one of the main ways to protect your breast implant investment. If your plastic surgeon recommends you wear a specific bra after surgery ,it'll be to support the new breast implants in the pocket and allow them to heal in the right place.

They'll also likely recommend you wear any post-surgical bra around-the-clock.

If that recommendation is in place for several weeks (expect up to 6 weeks) it can get a bit... frustrating. Post surgical bras are often not attractive, but they are supportive.

Girl, it might feel like a chore but it's all part of getting the best results from your breast augmentation.

And the joy of being able to get rid of that bra is AMAZING!

Sleeping in a Bra After a Breast Augmentation

After your initial healing phase, whether you should wear a bra at night will depend on what your plastic surgeon advises, how big your breast implants are (the bigger they are the more likely they are to need extra support) and crucially how you feel.

It’s probably okay continue to wear a bra in your sleep as long as it is comfortable for you.  Some women find that they like the extra support at night.

Plus, there'll be times (like that time of the month) when a sleep bra may give you some much needed added security. Or, if you have a little growth spurt to get used to the 'extra' factor sleeping in a bra may be comforting.

What type of sleep bra again depends on your surgeon's advice. I've seen a few specially designed bras for sleeping in but I can't tell you which one is best.

Your Plastic Surgeon Knows Best

Because there's no consensus on the bra part of your post-breast augmentation recovery (and beyond) the best thing you can do is ask your surgeon.

Outside of some general recommendations, your plastic surgeon will individualize further bra wearing based upon the size of your breast implants, the shape of your breasts, and your boobie goals.

And I'm all for good advice!

Sleeping in a Bra After a Breast Augmentation

Believe it or not that moment you're cleared to go without a bra at night can be quite daunting. It'll feel strange at first and then you'll get used to it. Boob sweat is real though!

The real answer to 'should I wear a sleep bra?' is... listen to and trust your surgeon's advice. Always check with your plastic surgeon and keep your new girls comfy! :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Wearing a bra for support after surgery is typically what women find to be most comfortable early in recovery. While there may be special circumstances in which we recommend that you wear it until fully healed, in general it's best to do what seems most comfortable to you.

A bra with an underwire in it may cause pressure and sensitivity on your incision if it's in the fold, but otherwise there are many options for something that is comfortable.