Sleeping after a Breast Augmentation

Sleeping after a Breast Augmentation

Sleeping with your new breast implants might be harder than you imagine (getting comfy I mean).

A breast augmentation is a big toll on your body and sleep is one of the most important parts of your recovery. So, why can it be so hard to get a good night’s sleep after a breast augmentation?!

Sleep On Your Back After a Breast Augmentation

After your breast augmentation you may struggle to sleep (even though you’re tired) because you just can’t get comfortable arrrrrgghhh!

If you sleep on your back you are not going to struggle with the post-op instructions after a breast augmentation. If, like me, you’re a bonafide side/stomach/any-which-way sleeper this article is for you!

Sleeping in a position that you don't normally sleep in is difficult.

It’s sound advice your plastic surgeon is giving you on sleep position post-surgery. Sleeping on your back, propped up after a breast augmentation helps your body heal, prevent complications, and for your breast implants to settle in to a good position.

But... it can lead to lower back ache and muscle tension in your neck and shoulders :(

In general (please do check with your own plastic surgeon) it seems most people are told to sleep on their back in an elevated position for up to 6 weeks.

After you get the okay to lie flat therein lies a new level of discomfort. At my 2-week post-op appointment my plastic surgeon gave me the okay to slide down the bed and lie flat. I could have skipped out of his office. I was joyously thinking, "No more numb bum.. is it bedtime yet?!"

But... after learning to sleep upright (in a pillow fort) it took time again to learn to sleep flat on my back.

When Can I Sleep On My Stomach after a Breast Augmentation?

When Can I Sleep On My Stomach after a Breast Augmentation?

Sleeping on your side before 3 weeks is usually pretty uncomfortable and could cause shifting of the breast implant before it heals correctly.

I was side sleeping at 3 weeks PO and stomach sleeping at 7 weeks PO, but in both cases with pillows (and very tentatively).

Be sure to discuss sleeping positions with your plastic surgeon as they may proceed at a different pace.

Getting back to normal sleeping was definitely a key recovery milestone for me. After all, sleep is key to a good recovery... so get comfy, and happy slumbering ladies zzzzzz

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

This is one of those things where we just do not have a scientific answer. In these cases it may be best to just listen to your body. If it hurts, don't do it. That includes sleeping. Regarding this issue of whether or not you are going to harm your surgery by sleeping how you want. . . probably not. This one is more about comfort than anything else.