Recovering From a Mommy Makeover

Many women choose to get breast implants as part of a Mommy Makeover, a single-session surgery that typically combines breast augmentation and tummy tuck.

Mommy Makeover

Girl, if you have fallen out of love with your body following pregnancy you are not alone! The number of women getting so-called Mommy Makeover procedures is on the rise.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

When you're sure you won't be adding any more little ones to your family, you've waited 6 months after you've stopped breastfeeding and you've reached all weight goals... then you may consider a Mommy Makeover.

A combined surgery may be the best option for you if you find yourself really unhappy with multiple areas of your body after experiencing the miracle of motherhood! It's one surgery, one recovery and less cost than separate surgeries.

Let's be honest... being a mom is absolutely life changing- and almost all of those changes are positive.  But some women's bodies go through such extreme changes during pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding that they may find their new body, well, uncomfortable.

Stretch marks and sagging skin are a part of a lot of women's postpartum journey and if you find yourself embracing that new mom-bod and feel confident then all I can say is You Go Girl!!!

Unfortunately not all of us are in love with the changes that childbearing can bring to our bodies, and that's where a Mommy Makeover can help you get your confidence back. No shame girl, we deserve to feel good about our bods. :)

If you choose to get a Mommy Makeover you may be wondering what recovery from a combined surgery will be like.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

There will certainly be lots to think about. But, like with any surgery procedure, your main focus should be on... preparation.

Prepare Your Mind for a Mommy Makeover

I've already mentioned that you should only opt for a Mommy Makeover when your body is ready (you're done having your family, you're long done breastfeeding, and you're done losing any baby weight), but you should also only consider this surgery when you're ready.

By that I mean you are prepared for what it will mean to change multiple areas of your body through surgery. The outcome of these procedures can be such a positive, confidence-boosting experience. BUT it can also cause a rollercoaster of highs and lows (e.g. the boobie blues ) post-op.

Find out about the surgery (what to expect... the good bits and the bad bits), consult with Board Certified plastic surgeons experienced in the Mommy Makeover procedure, and then make a truly informed decision.

Prepare Everything Else for a Mommy Makeover!

When you've found your surgeon, are totally informed and have made the decision to move forward- then the REAL preparation begins!

Mommy Makeover Prep

Most women find the breast augmentation part of their Mommy Makeover a breeze compared to the tummy tuck (TT) part.

The TT bit takes the longest to recover from - you have to wait for your body to create enough scar tissue around your incision so that you aren't relying on the stitches in the muscle to hold things together *eeek*.

This means you have to take is super slow, carefully and as advised by your surgeon.

Take It Slow after a Mommy Makeover

Your main worries may be pain and what physical limitations you might have after surgery, given it’s multiple procedures.

Pain is usually at it's worst in the first few days (don't be a pain martyr - take those meds!), you will also likely have some bruising for the first few weeks. You might have drains in place and if so, your post-op instructions will be more involved.

You can expect to be 'fully' healed by around 6 months (but your breasts may continue to change with 'drop and fluff' for longer - and scars take 1-2 years to fully mature).

Advice for recovering from a MM is the same as for a BA... prepare for surgery, stay positive, be patient and have realistic expectations, and keep your eyes on the prize (i.e. the end result).

Ok, so you know it’ll be more challenging than a breast augmentation alone. You will initially be more limited, you'll tire more easily (double surgery... double recovery) and you'll definitely need more support.

Pain after a mommy makeover

Pain after a mommy makeover

If you want the best outcome (and to reduce your chances of complications) you need to follow your post-op instructions to the letter.

Within a few weeks of surgery you'll start to return to normal. Everyone recovers at a different rate, but you can expect to not be doing anything active for at least 6 weeks. It will be at least 2-3 months before you feel like your old (but improved) self.

A Mommy Makeover can be such a wonderful transformation. While your recovery may be a bit rougher than a BA alone most women who undergo a MM procedure are thrilled with the results.

As long as you're ready, you know what to expect, you have a strong support system and an amazing surgeon then you can totally have a smooth recovery!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Being a mom is tough. Thankfully, the things that make it tough (selflessness, hard work, extreme endurance) are really helpful during recovery.

There is absolute about whether a person should have both breasts and abdomen addressed at the same time but it is an amazingly gratifying journey. Plus. . .you'll be so mad at me about the abdomen that you'll have free recovery with your breasts.