The Post Breast Augmentation Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

After your breast augmentation you will definitely want to be resting and relaxing as much as possible to ensure you have a smooth recovery.

Assuming all goes well you'll be back to your pre-surgery routine within a couple of weeks. So, when should you call your plastic surgeon with concerns?

What shouldn't you ignore?

The Post Breast Augmentation Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

As well as remembering to take your meds on time (and with food) you'll be following lots of post-op instructions (e.g. sleep upright, no lifting).

That's quite a lot for your brain to process at a time when you'll be tired and your body is working hard to heal!

Ok, so I'm not pulling your leg or anything I swear...but...there really aren’t specific symptoms to look out for during your breast augmentation recovery besides ones that go along with every other plastic surgery.

After any breast surgery you should be aware of the signs of infection (e.g. fever and chills, increasing pain or swelling) or dehydration (e.g. headache). You might not be able to prevent an infection but you can stay aware, and see your plastic surgeon if you start feel unwell.

Breast Augmentations Are Unique

What you might not realize is that a breast augmentation (although it’s the most common cosmetic surgery) is not a one size fits all surgery.

It’s made to order.

And for that reason the actual title to my article should be: Why It's Important to Have a Plastic Surgeon With Open Communication (I know this because I have one, and it made the entire experience incredible- thanks again Dr. Jeremy Pyle!)

Ask your plastic surgeon before your breast augmentation what YOU should look out for during your recovery.

And ask again after your breast augmentation, because anything that went down during your surgery may give you some guidance on what to be aware of during YOUR recovery.

Each person's experience is particular to them

Even the way a symptom is described may be personal to just you.

Are you getting how 'you-specific' this surgery is now?

Every Breast Augmentation Recovery is Unique

So, every plastic surgeon is different, every surgery is different and every recovery is different.

The most important thing to establish (in your pre-surgery consultations) is how you will contact your plastic plastic surgeon after your breast augmentation if you have any queries or concerns.

What's most important is having the ability to communicate with your plastic surgeon and taking advantage of that opportunity when needed.

Dr. Pyle told me he doesn't like to think of his patients doing "mental gymnastics" trying to figure out if they should phone him with any post-surgery queries...just pick up the phone and call.

It may only take a few minutes to be reassured or to get you any additional care in good time to deal with anything that may crop up.

At the end of the day, your plastic surgeon should be someone you don't hesitate to reach out to for reassurance. If you're still in the consultation phase of your journey be sure to meet the surgeons and really evaluate if they see you as an individual.

Your breast implant choice, surgery and recovery will all be individualistic- a great plastic surgeon knows this and supports you through all aspects of your boobie journey.

Maybe it’s not what you shouldn't ignore but actually that you shouldn't be ignoring anything.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

We want to be with you every step of the way before and after your surgery.

That means providing you all of the information that you need before surgery so that you know what to expect, and if there are things that you have questions about after surgery we always want to be your first call.