Boobie Greed After a Breast Augmentation

At some point during your breast augmentation journey you are probably going to question some aspect of your results...size, projection, shape, side boob, goes on! Don't worry- it's a totally normal part of the journey, buckle up my friends for the boob greed rollercoaster!

breast implant size

Set Expectations Before your Breast Augmentation

Some women report that they get on the boob greed rollercoaster before they’ve even had their breast augmenation, worrying whether their results will be too small (or too big).

I received some very sage advice before both of my surgeries and I tell it to all other women thinking about getting breast implants:

“Would you rather be too big or too small?”

Personally, I felt like I'd rather feel too small since it's much easier to make them look bigger with a padded push-up than to try to hide them.

Breast Augmentation Results Aren’t Instant

You're likely going to experience boobie greed if you expect to wake up from your breast augmentation and have instantly perfect boobs. That's just not the reality of it.

Your new breasts will undergo many changes over the coming days, weeks and even months after your breast augmentation. They have a lot of healing to do before they arrive at their final destination, be patient young Jedi.

Overcoming Jealousy After Your Breast Augmentation

Most women will naturally overcome their boob greed with time, but some have a harder time getting off the rollercoaster.

The best thing you can do to try and minimize the force of the boob greed rollercoaster is to manage your expectations and keep a sense of perspective.

Manage your Breast Implant expectations

Having realistic expectations before you head into breast augmentation surgery is essential!

Look at boobspiration photos and describe your dream boobies to your plastic surgeon. But be aware there is no copy/paste option when it comes to cosmetic surgery, so it's wise to listen to them if they say your dream boobs may not be realistic for your body.

A great plastic surgeon is not afraid to be honest! They would rather lead you to your real dream boobies then risk you being miserable post-op with breast implants not well suited from your frame or shape.

Keep a sense of perspective

Instead of comparing your new boobies to all the other boobies in the world, try comparing them to themselves!

Take before photos! Take them naked, in bikini tops, push-up bras, sports bra, that super cute lacy bralette...just take them!

On those days when you're feeling the boobie blues you can go back and see how far your girls have come. Nothing gets me lovin' my girls again like putting on something from a "before" photo and seeing the difference.

At the end of the day, most women's results far exceed their pre-surgery expectations.

Boob greed is a natural part of getting used to your new breasts. Try not to be too hard on your new girls... and enjoy the ride :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Here's my advice: If your implants are a little bit smaller than you wanted, you can dress them up on the days you want more. If your implants are a little bit too big. . .they are that way every day.

For some women, boob greed fades and they learn how to get what they want out of their augmentation most days. For others, it doesn't.

If you are in the group for whom it stays for 9 months or more, you might consider an implant exchange and know that you are not alone.