Nipple Sensitivity Changes After Your Breast Augmentation

When you think ‘breast augmentation’ you don’t instantly think ‘nipples’. But, you should!


Sensitivity losses (and gains)

Nipple sensitivity changes after a breast augmentation is actually some women’s main concern about surgery.


Sensation changes to your nipples after a breast augmentation are a possible risk of surgery but not a given. Thankfully, any changes to the sensitivity of your nipples is usually temporary.

Like numbness…

Some women experience temporary numbness to their nipples immediately after surgery. This is down to the surgical procedure disrupting nerves. After a breast implant is placed, the surrounding areas are being stretched and it kind of squashes the nerves.

Nerves are sensitive (pun intended!) beasties and will react to the trauma of surgery and the pressure from the implant on the tissues.

Thankfully post-op numbness in the nipples will usually subside within a few weeks (but up to a few months) after surgery.

If numbness persists after surgery it’s usually down to the size or placement of your implants. The risks for permanent numbness being greater the more involved your surgery is and/or the bigger (and I’m talking BIG 800+ cc’s) your implants are.


After surgery, as nerves are recovering, your nerves may even be a bit… painful.


Many women describe the sensation of their nerves ‘waking up’ after surgery as sharp pangs. Ouch! In the BA community these are called ‘zingers’.

You’ll know when sensation is returning as you may find that clothing and bras cause irritation. Your nipples may even be ‘on’ all the time but, again, it’ll only be temporary.

Things in the nipple department can even get super sensitive.

You can get some relief from any pain/discomfort/irritation as your nerves are recovering from surgery by taking the cup inserts out of a bathing suit and placing them as a buffer between your nipples and your post-op surgical bra (or coobie). Some women even recommend nursing pads!

The good news is post-op nipple discomfort will ease over the early weeks and months after surgery. Then, over time most women find that normal nipple sensitivity returns to their breasts. Hooray!

Some women even get MORE sensitive nipples after a breast augmentation.

Before you head in to surgery, know that nipple sensitivity changes after surgery are possible and totally normal. If you do experience any post-op sensation changes they’ll usually be a distant memory within the early weeks and months after surgery.