When Do Breast Implants Feel Like Part of You?

Be prepared for your breast implants to feel a little, well, strange in the early weeks. You've just had surgery and the new additions may feel sore, tight and a little out of place.

You may find yourself wondering when they will feel like part of you.

breast implant recovery

Well, there isn’t a precise time when you can expect your breast implants to feel like part of you. (Sorry to say!)

For some ladies it’s pretty much straight away. I know that even though I had the post-surgical tightness my implants felt like they were part of me (in an emotional sense) from the get-go.

For others it can take a bit longer (physically and emotionally). Don’t stress about it, go easy on yourself... you will get there!

The Short Game Of Breast Implants

Those first few weeks (especially with a first breast augmentation or implants under the muscle) you may well get a sense that your breasts feel... stuck on.

Breast Implants Feel Weird

There’ll be a few key moments where, at first, you notice a strange feeling that over time gets better. Like the seatbelt between your breasts, hugging someone, lying on your front (my first back massage was a strange feeling), swimming, and your first whole day in an underwired bra.

If you experience a slightly slower journey to feeling like they’re part of you you may notice things more... like sneezing or coughing... they won’t fall off but you may find yourself holding on to your breasts!

Like... it can feel a bit weird when you bend over post-surgery as the new weight from your breast implants can make it feel like your breasts are stretching. It’s kinda hard to describe... not pain, just a strange sensation.

The Long Game of Breast Implants

Things do settle down and one day (although don’t expect it to be a light bulb moment) you won’t notice your breast implants. For me, this was when I was done fully softening after a few months.

I do, from time to time though, get a whole other kind of strange sensation. When I get tense I can actually feel tension in my breasts (like, instead of my neck)! It’s a bit like morning boob (and if you’re wondering what this is check out my article on morning boob!).

Girl, a boobie journey is full of twists and turns. Getting back to feeling like your usual self after a breast augmentation can be like taking boobie (like baby!) steps... steps to feeling like they're part of you :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

There is a distinct advantage to patience when you are healing. Of course, that is easy to say and hard to practice. Nonetheless, as time goes on many of the little unusual things disappear with the normal distractions of everyday life filling their place.