After a Breast Augmentation: How to Beat the Dreaded Boobie Greed

If you’ve never been envious of another woman’s breasts, then this article might not be for you.

Oh look, you’re still reading! Being envious of another girl’s breasts is SO normal. So normal in fact...

That' we’re all guilty of it.

Boobie Guide vs Boobie Greed

The process of deciding that you want breast implants transitions into choosing your perfect Boobie Guide. After that, you'll pick things like your plastic surgeon, type of breast implants, etc, and then you finally get your surgery.

It’s not surprising that many women have a hard time sitting back and being content with their results after they get breast implants. Your boobs look great, sure. But hers look... AMAZING!

We do this in so many areas of our lives.

I’ll buy a handbag that I love, but then continue scouting out everyone else’s purse to see if I find one that’s even better. A healthy admiration of another woman’s breasts can blow up and turn you green with envy.

So, how do you keep from crossing that line?

Start With Realistic Expectations for Your Breast Augmentation

The reality and beauty of this process is, when your breast augmentation surgery is over, you’re still going to be you.

I once went into the hair salon with a picture of a cut that I liked. Of course what I really liked was how beautiful Angelina Jolie looked in the picture. My hair stylist lovingly reminded me that the only way she could make me look exactly like the picture, was if she stapled it to my forehead. :-)

Boobie Guides are an excellent way to communicate with your plastic surgeon the kind of look you want, but remember that it's NOT an exact replica of your future figure. Starting with that realistic expectation is a great way to avoid a nasty case of Boobie Greed.

Spread A Little Love

Another healthy practice is simply to be happy for the women that your tempted to be envious of. Whether you feel this way or not, practice saying to yourself “Good for her! Her breasts are perfect for her!”

If you’re feeling courageous, go tell her how great she looks in that outfit! As women (especially in the BA community) we would be well served by sending each other loving thoughts and comments.

This kind of positivity multiplies. It builds in yourself and then in the people around you.

Take Care of What You’ve Got

Have you ever been bored with your car and thought about driving it to the auto dealer to trade it in for something else? Maybe instead, you just drove to the carwash, shined it up and vacuumed out the floorboards.

It’s amazing how much that changes the way you feel!

The same strategy works for your body! Whether it’s cleaning up your diet, hitting the gym or treating yourself to a massage, put a little energy into self care. I can't help but recommend my Boobie Butter as a daily treat for your girls :-)

Ultimately, most women spend their whole lives working toward having a positive self image. But don’t quit working on it. I can promise you that you're the envy of someone else’s eye!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Finding a guide is a great way to get started as you explore options for your goals after augmentation.

Jenny Eden makes an important point that every woman has a different starting point, but once you've narrowed down your ideal results by identifying a good guide, we can match that with your Vectra 3D images to see what the possibilities are with different types and sizes of implants and it actually becomes a really enjoyable process.