After a Breast Augmentation How Soon Can I Fly or Drive Home?

When it was time for me to get my recent breast augmentation revision, I decided to fly to Raleigh for my procedure.

For all you ladies who are finding yourselves in the same situation as me, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things I learned around traveling for a breast augmentation :-)

How soon is too soon to travel after getting breast implants?

This was definitely the first question in my mind, and there are so many factors that go into this:

  • Type of surgery / revision

  • Invasiveness of surgery

  • Available methods of transportation

  • Duration of travel

The best piece of advice I can give you is to collaborate with your plastic surgeon on this one. Some breast surgeries and techniques are more complex and vary in the increase of risk after surgery. For example, if your plastic surgeon is worried about a higher bleeding or pain risk, it's super wise to plan to stay close for a few days.

Not only will it be more comfortable if you are nearby in case you have sutures or dressings that need immediate attention, but it will decrease your anxiety knowing your plastic surgeon is not too far away.

Traveling By Car After Your Breast Augmentation

I know some women who have endured a super long car ride with a trusted companion (as a passenger!) only a single day following their breast augmentation.

No thank you!

Talk about a difficult trip. One of my friends drove from Atlanta to Nashville the day after she got breast implants. And what's normally a 4.5 hour drive ended up taking 18 hours, because she had so much nausea from the moving car.

I would highly recommend giving yourself at least 3 recovery days in a hotel before gearing up for the drive!

Flying Home After Getting Breast Implants

I've had two out-of-town breast augmentation, and I've flown home from both. After doing this twice now, I am so glad that I waited 5 days before flying home each time. You know why?

Three letters... T.S.A.

I've had some really good luck with getting nice T.S.A. agents to do my pat downs, but both times I had to show them my bandaged boobs before they would let me through security.

I simply can't imagine having to go through all that 2 or 3 days post-op. I also really liked how I was able to see my plastic surgeon one more time before flying home as well.

Don't Forget your Boobie Buddy

There is no way I could have traveled alone after my breast augmentations. First, you can’t drive on meds anyway, and you can't be carrying anything heavy immediately after surgery either. I mean, it was even uncomfortable to pull my little suitcase behind me 5 days later in the airport.

You paid good money for your new breasts, so don't be a heroine.

Instead, heal.

Get Ready, Just In Case

Ok, I won't lie. You might throw up. I did my first time, but not my second time.

So whether you're in a car or the airplane, make sure you knew where your closest barf bag is. Unfortunately, I had double vision from the painmeds when I throw up, so I missed entirely! haha

In my experience, most of the ladies who try to jump the gun with their travel plans end up regretting it—though there are some crazy stories out there about a 12-hour flight the day after breast augmentation surgery!

My advice to you would be to take it slower than faster, and to give yourself and your new girls a few days to rest before getting back to every day life :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Compared to other surgeries that we do, breast augmentation is actually one after which it's possible to safely travel early on in the recovery process. We do recommend that you wait until toward the end of your first week, for the reasons that Jenny Eden mentioned, but our experience is that most women feel fine to travel within the first few days after surgery.