Timeline for Working Out After Your Breast Augmentation

Choosing to get a breast augmentation is such a positive self improvement decision.

Do it

You're going to get super excited about it in the lead-up to surgery (nerves are normal too!) as you take a step towards the new you. 

Once you're out of surgery though things will... slow down.

It can be super frustrating after surgery when you have all kinds of restrictions on what you can't do during your recovery. Exercise included!

When can I work out after my breast augmentation?

The 'when can I?' kind of questions get asked a LOT in my online boobie community, Bustmob! And the 'when can I workout after surgery?' question is probably one of the top 3 questions asked.

First up, whatever your surgeon advises should be the advice you follow. But as a general rule the answer to this question looks a bit like this:

  • The first 7 days post-op - The first 7 days after surgery you should be TOTALLY focused on getting over surgery/the anesthetic and being super kind to yourself by resting. That part of your recovery is SUPER important for you to heal properly. You should be mobile (walking around) though as this is key to avoiding early post-op complications like blood clots.

Mostly relaxing please girl!

Mostly relaxing please girl!

  • 1 week after surgery - After that first week has passed you should be okay to start light cardio. You should start to feel like you have a bit more energy as you've got over the anesthesia and likely off most pain meds. If you want to start being a 'bit' more active you could (with your surgeon's blessing) be okay to do some light walking (treadmill or outdoors) or stationery bike at the gym. You can workout lower body but STAY AWAY from upper body exercises.

Light cardio as a gradual return to exercise.

Light cardio as a gradual return to exercise.

  • 4-6 weeks after surgery - Advice about what you can do at this point differs from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient (because it depends on surgical techniques and your individual recovery). You should be okay to start more intense cardio at this point. Reach for the sports bra girl - don't exercise without good support!

Full cardio... yeah!

Full cardio... yeah!

  • 6 weeks + after surgery - Most surgeons use the 6-week mark post-op as the point at which you're cleared for any and all kinds of exercise... including weights. If chest workouts are coming back into your exercise at this point take it steady to begin with. If something doesn't feel right... stop!

Weights  should  be okay now. Check first!

Weights should be okay now. Check first!

Although it's super frustrating to slow down after surgery it is super important to take a step back from exercise during your recovery. 

Trust me, you won't get out of shape in a few weeks! 

Follow your surgeon's advice on a return to exercise timeline and use your follow-up appointments to double check if you're not sure what's ok and what's not. Don't jeopardize your recovery by exercising too much too soon. You'll be protecting your investment (because it's a BIG $$$ investment you've just made!) by shifting down a gear during your recovery. Permission to chill, girl!