How Your Breasts Will Change During Your Post-Op Recovery

The aim of most women undergoing breast implant surgery is bigger breasts.


You might be restoring fullness after pregnancy or weight loss, or hoping for a figure you've always dreamed of. Either way, breast implants enable so many women to increase the size of their busts so they have more body confidence.

Zero to Hero

Whether you're new to EKI (welcome girl!) or you're a regular follower there's one thing that all women should realize about breast implant surgery...

You don't go from Zero to Hero

Getting breast implants is like a journey. You don't get from A to B (or should that be C or D [cup]!) in a flash!


You get wheeled in to surgery with your old boobs and yes, you wake up with your new boobs but they're not your 'final' boobs.

Whip your post-surgical bandages off (but, don't do this!) and you'd find that you may not be as 'instantly bigger' as you were hoping. That's because your breast implants after surgery are surrounded by your breast tissue (and muscles, if they're placed submuscular) which will take a while to recover from surgery and get used to your new breast size.

Hero to Zero

Immediately post-op your new breasts are swollen and high (and often, funny-shaped).


I've seen lots of women say it feels like their breasts get smaller after the swelling goes down. Really, it's just an illusion that their breasts have shrunk.

What changes is the shape of your breasts. And, if you choose to take pictures of your breasts before surgery and along the way during your recovery journey you can almost see your breast 'pop' in to their new, fuller, shape!

The shape changes because they settle in to the pocket (drop) and as muscles relax and tissues learn to accommodate the implants (fluff) your breasts become softer (the implant is never hard at any stage, it’s the muscle and tissues around it that are when recovering).

So, if you tried to get your slightly firmer post-op breasts in to a balcony bra on the first day you were cleared for bras you might not see much OOMPH factor from your breasts.


If you bring this bra out and try it on again at 3, 6 and 9 months (and beyond) you'd see a TOTALLY different effect! This is when you might see your breasts change size. Bra size that is. And it's not because your breasts have gotten any bigger, Again, it's because they've changed shape.


Your breasts change size AND shape after a BA. Try not to get hung up on bra sizes, measurements and numbers! Enjoy the (long) journey of seeing your new breasts transform and concentrate on how they look and feel. Oh, and get measured regularly to make sure the bras you're wearing fit :)




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