Hitting the Gym After Your Breast Augmentation

How soon after breast implants can I go to the gym?

How soon after breast implants can I go to the gym?

Whether you’re a gym bunny or just lead an active lifestyle, one of the biggest frustrations women report after a breast augmentation is stopping exercise during recovery.

If you're getting cold sweats at the prospect of a little exercise downtime during your recovery... don't panic.

Taking time out from the gym during your recovery is really important.

Breast augmentation is a big shock to your body! And it will take time to heal. So your plastic surgeon will tell you to steer clear of exercise for several weeks to maximize your recovery.

It may seem like a long time but it'll be over before you know it.

You won't get out of shape in a few weeks!

I even read somewhere that your metabolic rate (how fast your body breaks down and uses the food you eat) rises when you have a breast augmentation... so (believe it or not) you’ll be burning extra calories without even lifting a finger!

Better Breast Augmentation Recovery

Taking some exercise downtime will mean a faster and better breast augmentation recovery. You shouldn't raise your heart rate as it risks bleeding, swelling and other complications.

The last thing you want is to set back your recovery by breaking the rules.

I’m so frustrated... I’m going to miss the gym

I hear you! If you know already that you’re going to miss the gym it may help to plan your return to activity, and it may look a bit like this...

The First Few Days...

The first few days after you breast augmentation (or, as I like to call it, the "sloth period"), when you're recovering from anesthesia, the surgery, taking pain meds and dealing with restricted movements the LAST thing you'll be thinking about is the gym!

breast implants and working out

Rest up, eat well and keep mobile, but like barely. Expect light walking to be as much as you're allowed to do during your first week post-op.

You may experience some pretty extreme bloating... the Boobie Sisters who’ve already traveled this road will be able to tell you that any post-op body changes are only temporary... it’s bloat, not fat!

By the end of the first week you’ll be starting to feel better but don’t be tempted to hit the gym now either.

You’ll still be sore, you’ll get tired easily and strenuous activity still risks complications.

Two Weeks After Your Breast Augmentation...

Getting blood rushing around your body isn’t good for healing so, for the first two weeks, you'll have been really good and not raised your heart rate.

At the end of your second week post-op you should be okay for 'leg work' or light-impact cardio... think 'stationary bike' at the gym. And that's only IF you feel like it.

1 Month After Your Breast Augmentation...

Many plastic surgeons will tell you stay away from working out for 4-6 weeks after a breast augmentation. So your one month post-op milestone may be quite important to you if this is when you're allowed to hit the gym.

Going to the gym after a breast augmentation

Going to the gym after a breast augmentation

You may feel ready to start more strenuous exercise (full cardio) about now... just make sure you strap the twins in to a super supportive bra.

2 Months After Your Breast Augmentation...

Push ups, dips, pull ups and bench pressing... if you're a weights kinda gal this is the exercise milestone you've been waiting for.

Every plastic surgeon is different but some may clear you for the heavy pec workout from 8 weeks.

working out after a breast augmentation

It may feel a bit weird to begin with (especially if your breast implants are under the muscle)... just take it easy and stop if it hurts.

Be sure to follow the directions of your plastic surgeon to help ensure the best possible outcome for your breast augmentation, and use your follow-up appointments to check when you can back to your exercise routine.

Recovery is it’s own part of your boobie journey. Shift down a gear and enjoy the view while you slow the pace. Waiting until you're fully healed to resume exercise will totally be worth it.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

With the Rapid Recovery protocol, we encourage you to do regular stretching to help speed up your recovery. It's best to take a few weeks off from higher intensity exercise, and your body will always let you know if you're overdoing it too early.

We'll give you specific instructions before surgery and at each visit afterward on how best to pace returning to exercise, but by 6 weeks you're fully healed and can get back to anything that you'd like to do.