Hitting the Beach and Pool After Your Breast Augmentation

For most of us, we’ve never felt super confident putting on a bikini before. Gosh… for me, going bathing suit shopping was the worst! I always left feeling super bummed and uncomfortable in my skin. But once I got my new girls, it was a total game changer!! I finally love how I look in a bikini and I totally understand why you’re super excited too. And you should be!! You have prepped, you got your surgery and you’re ready to start enjoying your new girls like never before!


Getting breast implants is a SUPER body confidence booster. But… time out, girl! There is a little bit of a wait time before you can hit the beach and the pool after your breast augmentation.

Different surgeon, different opinion

Without wanting to cause too much confusion, exactly when you can hit the beach and pool after you get your breast augmentation surgery will vary from surgeon to surgeon! There’s not a one size fits all approach.

Some surgeons advise their patients that it’s safe to hit the beach or pool (or bathe in the tub) after a full week of recovery. This is assuming that your surgical wounds (the cut the surgeon has made to place your implants) has sealed and is healing well.


A surgical wound, believe it or not, actually starts to heal pretty quickly after surgery. Within 6-8 hours of surgery your body is well on its way to making your wound water-tight. This is why some surgeons will say it’s ok to shower the day after your surgery.

BUT, as I said, the advice about getting water near your surgical wounds varies by surgeon! Make sure you check your surgeon’s recommendations.

Take care of your Girls

When exposing your new girls to the sun, you must must must keep them well covered with a high SPF. If you don’t, you risk the scar becoming hyperpigmented from the sun. This only occurs with fresh scars, so make sure you take extra care to block them from the UV-rays.

I highly recommend using a good organic, mineral-based sunscreen. These will have less ingredients and less toxins. My favorite is Badger, because (unlike most sunscreens) it uses Zinc Oxide to create a physical barrier between you and the sun.

Enjoy your new girls, enjoy the beach, and have a piña colada for me!