Having Sex Soon After Your Breast Augmentation

Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you don't have sex until at least a week after you get a breast augmentation, because there is potentially more risk than reward.

Sex after a breast augmentation



If ever there was a situation where you should follow advice, this is one. Let me explain why...

The reason you have to hold off on jumping between the sheets for at least a week after your breast augmentation is so you don't disrupt your wound or cause any bleeding by increasing your heart rate.

No extreme physical activity after surgery means NO WILD SEX too! 

If this is going to be a big problem for you know that there are women out there who haven't stuck to the 'no sex' rule post-op and have been ok. Whether or not you choose to forgo the bedroom is your decision alone.

If you can't wait during that first week, do this:

  • Listen to your body - stop if anything hurts.

  • Be the one on top and go slow - remember, nothing to raise your heart rate and don't bounce your new additions yet.

  • No touching (your breasts) - don't let you man or woman touch your boobs! It's strictly look don't touch.

Before you know it you'll be sailing through the first weeks of your recovery and ALL aspects of your life will get back on track... including your sex life. Taking it slow and steady (and following instructions - as best you can) at the beginning will give you the best chance of a good recovery.