After a Breast Augmentation: Going Back to Work

Depending on what you do for a living, going back to work after getting a breast augmentation can definitely be a stressful time. 

It's completely normal to have several unknowns, and I want to encourage you not to worry too much about it. I had a lot of questions about my own 'going back to work' experience, and I want to share what I learned after fumbling through the process.

"How soon will I be able to go back to work after getting breast implants?"

Before I came home to do Eden Knows Implants full-time, I was in the field of radiography and clinical research—which meant that I was on my feet working with patients for most of the day. I only waited one week to go back to work, but I wish I had waited two weeks for a couple of reasons.

First, putting on and taking off my scrubs was almost impossible.

If you've never worn them, they aren't stretchy at all. I had to get my husband to help me get the top over my head and then pull down over my boobs for my first week back to work. It was a little painful and taking them off was even harder. I found myself stuck in clothes like every day for the first week.

Also, I bumped into everything with my boobs.

My depth perception was completely off with my new additions, and I kept hitting them when I was sliding open filing cabinets, opening doors and interacting with patients.

Thankfully, most of my patients are reoccurring, so that made it a little less embarrassing. The men certainly had no complaints! :-) If I had waited an extra week, I definitely would have been less awkward and more used to them.

"Will everyone be able to tell I got breast implants?"

Honestly, this was my biggest point of stress in going back to work. I worked with a lot of different people, and I only told a handful of them that I was getting breast implants. I just didn't feel like it was necessary for me to email blast the entire company telling them I was getting a breast augmentation.

I was really worried about walking into the office on Monday morning and getting this look from all of my co-workers...


Thankfully, that didn't happen. The women who knew I got breast implants just smiled and whispered in my ear that I looked great. And the ones who didn't know either had no clue or asked me if I had lost weight or gotten a haircut.

I was certain that I was going to become the gossip of the office for several weeks, but that never happened.

I'm sure it helped that I was wearing scrubs... let's be honest, they aren't the most flattering outfits ever made. So what you choose to wear around for the first several weeks will definitely make a big difference in whether people can tell or not.

"What do you know now, that you wish you had known before going back to work?"

There's one thing I really wish I had known about before going back to work... something I learned about while giving a presentation to my entire team during my first week back. It all started when I noticed that I was getting the look...


Be warned. Your nipples are going to be hard... a lot!

Ever since I got breast implants, my nipples get hard way more often than they used to. I've heard a lot of women say this since having their procedure, but I honestly didn't know about it before hand. Being prepared with a padded bra sure would have made things a lot easier my first week back at work :-) Honestly, I don't mind when they get hard, but in the middle of a presentation isn't my ideal moment! haha

I hope this helps set your mind at ease as you think about going back to work after you get breast implants. It was WAY less stressful than I ever imagined it was going to be, and I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive everyone was who knew about my breast augmentation. :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Most women are able to return to work within the first week after a breast augmentation. The majority of the discomfort subsides within the first few days, and while you may have some soreness with certain movements after that, you likely will mainly notice getting tired a little sooner than normal.

Of course that's all dependent on the type of work that you do and we recommend going back as soon as you feel comfortable.