Explaining Nerve Zingers After a Breast Augmentation

Your experiences of pain after a breast augmentation are unique, but there are some things to expect.

Like, it's normal to experience some pain immediately after surgery, and to experience discomfort during your recovery. You can expect to start feeling pretty normal a couple of weeks after your breast augmentation.

But then you may just be welcoming a new recovery pain... zingers!

breast augmentation nerve pain zingers

There's no getting around it - breast augmentation causes trauma to your nerves and when those nerves are healing, well, you'll know it!

Nerve Sensation after a Breast Augmentation

Nerves get stretched by your breast implant and by swelling, and the signals they send to your brain are disrupted during your breast augmentation. This is why areas on your breasts and nipples may feel numb after surgery.

A bit like when you sit too long and an area of your body goes to sleep, those disrupted nerves will eventually 'wake up'. And when they wake-up (after swelling has gone down and they're no longer squashed) they start to send little test signals.

All hail the 'zinger'!

breast augmentation nerve pain

The nerve is trying to reconnect with the area it normally supplies sensation to by sending little impulses - which will feel like little electric shocks!

Giving you sharp twitching, or burning sensations.

If an area is numb after a breast augmentation you can expect (if the nerves aren't damaged) to experience zingers.

If you have no numbness you shouldn’t experience them, and be glad you don't - they kinda hurt!

Breast Augmentation Zingers are a Good thing!

We don't usually like pain but feeling zingers is good news!

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Feeling zingers is a positive sign that your nerves are on the road to recovery.

They can be quite intense at first, appearing in the first few weeks after your breast augmentation. The strongest, longest and most frequent to begin with but usually resolve fully within 3-6 months after your surgery.

Sometimes nerves need a little bit of help remembering how to feel normally so pressure or sensations on the areas can help. So you may find massaging your breasts helps, but be sure to check whether your plastic surgeon permits this.

If any post-surgical pain doesn't get better, or gets worse, always contact your plastic surgeon for advice. With any breast augmentation there is a risk, albeit very small, of change in sensation. Hopefully if you're aware of how nerves heal, you'll be prepared and can have a positive recovery journey :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

It's fairly common to have these types of sensations, particularly early in the recovery period, after an augmentation. Generally it's related to the pressure on nerves from swelling, which causes them to act a bit haywire, but that subsides typically in the first few weeks.

Everyone experiences the feeling nerves reconnecting differently, whether it's tingling, burning, or an electricity sensation, but it's all part of the normal process and gets better relatively quickly.