How to Lookout for and Avoid Post-Op Hematomas

A hematoma is collection of blood that can form after any surgery. When it happens after a breast augmentation, the blood may pool around the implant.  In the most minor form, a bruise is a very small hematoma within the tissue. 

If the blood collects in the space around the implant and continues to become larger, the breast will become more swollen and painful, and the skin may become more discolored. Most commonly, this happens within the first day or two of surgery, but it can appear as late as two weeks or more.

Avoiding medications such as Aleve, Motrin, aspirin, fish oil and other blood thinning supplements can reduce this risk.

Following the surgeon’s advice for activity restrictions is also important to reduce the risk of bleeding. Small collections of blood that are not enlarging will be reabsorbed by the body without any intervention. If the hematoma is getting bigger, surgical treatment may be the only way to stop the bleeding.   

Postoperative hematomas after breast augmentation are associated with a higher risk of a later complication called capsular contracture.